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1932 Cadillac Ads

The 1932 Series 355B V8 was even longer and lower then the 1931 version. The roof line was lowered 1–3 inches and the longer hood now had six hood ports. The front end styling included a flat grille built into the radiator shell, with the head and side lights streamlined into a bullet shape. The headlight lenses were 9.5" in diameter. The runningboards curved to match the sweep of the front fenders and blended into the rear fenders. Vision was improved by the elimination of the outside visor and the sloping windshield and corner posts. A three spoke steering wheel enabled an unobstructed view of the instrument cluster.] Engine horsepower increased to 115.

The appearance of the 1932 Series 370B V12 benefited from a radiator shell that flared on the top, more flaring fenders and curved running boards, similar to the V8's. Mechanical changes included a stiffer frame, and a Cuno self-cleaning oil filter mounted at the right hand side of the clutch housing. Dual Detroit Lubricator carburetors were used in place of the Cadillac/Johnson carburetors that had been standard equipment on Cadillacs in previous years.

The Series 452B V16 Cadillac received the same styling of the V8 and V12, albeit with a much longer hood. Otherwise the only major change was the stiffer frame utilized in the V12. Production continued to plummet.

The deepening Great Depression fostered plummeting sales; with the V8 selling only 2,700 units, the V12 1,740, and the V16 dropping to 300, for a lowly total of 4,740.

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This would be the first time that "Standard of the World"
was used in advertising of Cadillacs.

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1932 Cadillac V-8 Town Sedan Ad "It is really economical to own a Cadillac" (10.4 x14.0)
1932 Cadillac V-8 Two-Passenger Coupe Ad "A man is known by his automobile" (11.0 x14.0)
1932 Cadillac V-12 Five-Passenger Town Sedan Ad "Comparison gives honor to the three great Cadillacs" (13.4 x17.0)
1932 Cadillac V-16 Five-Passenger Town Coupe Ad "The finest means of travel in the World" (10.8 x14.0)
1932 Cadillac V-16 Seven-Passenger Sedan Ad "A new interpretation of the standard of the world" (11.7 x17.0)