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1938 Cadillac Ads

For 1938, a new Series 60 Special was added between Cadillac's LaSalle and the Series 60", and the "Senior" large-bodied Cadillacs. The new car, showcased a completely integrated, coupe-like trunk, no running boards, two-piece, front-hinged convertible-style doors, more glass area than any Cadillac before, and a steeply-raked windshield. The new Sixty Special was intended as an owner-driven car, not a chauffeur-driven one.

It was built on a new 127.0" wheelbase, utilizing an "X" frame, allowing the car to sit 3 inches lower than other Cadillacs. No running boards made the car appear even lower. The 60 Special was powered by Cadillac's 130 HP 346 CID V8 engine.

The Series 60, 65 and Series 75 shared a new front end style featuring a massive vertical cellular grille, three sets of horizontal bars on the hood sides, alligator hood, and headlights on the filler space between the fenders and the hood. The rear of the body had rounder corners and more smoothly blended lines. New items included a column gear shift, "Synchro-Flex" flywheel, and a hypoid rear axle.

The V12 was gone but the Series 90 V16 remained, sharing the Series 75s 141.0" wheelbase and styling. For some odd reason, in a year of declining sales, the V16 sold more cars than it had since 1931, perhaps dues to the loss of the V12.

In its debut year, 3,704 Sixty Specials were delivered and outsold every other Cadillac model. The old Series 60 lagged behind at 2,052. 1,476 Series 65 cars were produced, followed by 1,911 Series 75s and the surprising 315 V16s. Without the new 60 Special, Cadillac's sales in 1938 would have been a disaster with only 9,458 sold.

The new Series Sixty Special was really an all new car - different in styling, design and in technical features.

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1938 Cadillac Sixty Special Ad "Cadillac Sixty Special - the newest car in the world" (10.2 x14.0)
1938 Cadillac Sixty Special Ad "The Cadillac Sixty Special Ad "we dare you to drive . . ." (10.2 x14.0)
1938 Cadillac Sixty Special Ad "If you are tire of the commonplace - drive the Cadillac Sixty Special" (10.2 x14.0)
1938 Cadillac-Fleetwood Ad "I'm tired - let's take the Cadillac" (10.2 x14.0)
1938 Cadillac-Fleetwood Ad "I'm glad we came in the Cadillac" (10.2 x14.0)
1938 Cadillac-Fleetwood Ad "It's really my best investment" (10.2 x14.0)