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    You can petition Wild About Cars to add your club to our roster. Simply send us the following information about your club:

    Full name of club, logo (if any), make and model(s) represented, year established - any history, number of members, chapters. etc, location (mailing address, city, state and zip), annual dues (breakout if nec.), e-mail contact, website address.

    Send your e-mail to: ClubCorner@wildaboutcars.com We will contact you withing two weeks with an approval or request for more information.

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    Car Clubs

    Each car club category is broken out by make or specialty vehicle. Click on the categories shown to see what clubs are listed.

    Clubs who have chosen to utilize the Wild About Cars "Communities & Clubs" section of our website are marked as an "Affilate". You may check out the Wild About Cars Communities & Clubs Section by clicking here.

    Want to know how to start a car club?  Click here.

    See the Club Categories Below

    Acura (3)

    Alfa Romeo (1)

    American Motors (2)

    Aston Martin (1)

    Audi (1)

    Austin-Mini (0)

    BMW (1)

    Buick (2)

    Cadillac (1)

    Chevrolet (4)

    Chrysler Cars (2)

    Citroen (1)

    Corvette (3)

    Datsun-Nissan (0)

    DeLorean (1)

    DeSoto (1)

    Dodge (2)

    Ferrari (1)

    Fiat (1)

    Ford Cars (9)

    Holden (0)

    Honda (0)

    Hudson (0)

    Jaguar (1)

    Jeep-Willys (0)

    Kaiser-Frazer (0)

    Lamborghini (1)

    Lancia (0)

    Lincoln (0)

    Lotus (0)

    MG (0)

    MOPAR -
    Mixed Brands

    Maserati (0)

    Mercedes (0)

    Mercury (1)

    Oldsmobile (2)

    Opel (0)

    Other (3)

    Packard (0)

    Peugeot (0)

    Plymouth (1)

    Pontiac (3)

    Porsche (0)

    Renault (0)

    Rolls-Royce (0)

    Rover (0)

    Saab (0)

    Saturn (0)

    Shelby & Cobra (2)

    Studebaker (1)

    Subaru (0)

    Sunbeam (0)

    TVR (0)

    Toyota (0)

    Triumph (0)

    Vauxhall (0)

    Volkswagen (0)

    Volvo (0)