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    Mercury Stray Cats Classic Automobile Club

    About Our Club:

    The purpose of the Mercury Stray Cats is the preservation, restoration, maintenance, and admiration of the classic Mercury Cougar automobiles built by Ford Motor Company's Lincoln-Mercury Division from 1967 through 1973. These unique vehicles share a heritage with both the Ford Mustang and the Ford Thunderbird from that era, taking performance and packaging hints from the Mustang and styling cues from the Thunderbird. Built on brawn and wrapped in comfort and style, the Mercury Cougar set the bar for personal performance luxury cars long before that term came into existence. 

     The Mercury Stray Cats Classic Cougar Automobile Club is a not for profit group of individuals founded in March, 1993. The Stray Cats are made up of classic 1967-1973 Cougar automobile owners, admirers, and those who wish to own a classic Cougar. Our members typically hail from throughout the I-80 corridor in Northern California, from San Francisco to Sacramento to Reno, Nevada and beyond. We have members from around the country, as well as international members from as far away as New Zealand. 

    Our club is a made up of a broad group of people representing the diverse make-up of the Bay Area and greater Northern California. A mix of all ages, genders and cultures creates a blend of characters as colorful as the Cougars we drive. From racers, cruisers, daily drivers, restorations and resto-mods; from pristine to ageless patina, there are no two Cougars alike.

    Throughout the year find time to get together for monthly events that include cruising the hills behind Berkeley, stopping at one of the many local wineries, cheering on our Cougars at the Sacramento Race Track, or attending some of the many car shows that dot the region.    

    All this makes for a great club whose common bond is the classic and classy Mercury Cougar we enjoy. Come check out the fun. View these web pages and see that there's definitely something here for you. Better yet, check the calendar and meet us at one of our events.

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