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Real-World Forums Found Here!

This is a doorway to all the real world Automotive Forums. Forums are listed by brand - if the forum crosses brands, click on our "general" categories  to find the forum there - by forum name. If you would like us to add a forum, click here to request it.

The forums are "windowed" meaning you do not have to leave Wild About Cars to participate in these forums; you may view the forum right from here and just sign in right on the screen where you are viewing the forum.

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Real World Forums - by Brand

Alfa-Romeo (0)

American Motors (3)

BMW (0)

Buick (6)

Cadillac (3)

Chevrolet (9)

Chrysler (4)

Datsun-Nissan (6)

DeSoto (1)

Dodge (1)

Ford (2)

Jaguar (0)

Jeep-Willys (0)

Lincoln (1)

Mercedes (0)

Mercury (1)

Oldsmobile (5)

Packard (0)

Plymouth (1)

Pontiac (7)

Porsche (0)

Shelby-Cobra (0)

Studebaker (1)

Subaru (0)

Toyota (0)

Volkswagen (0)