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Mike Brown purchased his '64 Impala SS 409 in 2012, fifty years after he first heard the Beach Boys song "409" on the radio as as a high school sophomore.

He promised himself he would one day own one, and now he does.

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Mike claims that no car color is more stunning than black, and the appearance of his Impala backs this up.

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1964 Chevrolet Impala SS 409 - Michael Brown has his high school sweetheart
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By Society Staff – reprint with permission only

Following in his father's footsteps, Michael Brown is a Chevy guy through and through. He 's also a Corvette guy, having bought his first one in 1985. It was a tenth-anniversary car, the one-year-only split-window coupe. Nearly thirty years later, he still has it along with a few others in a small collection in Texas (see

Along the way, though, he 's added a few non-Vettes which take him back to his high school days in southeastern Oklahoma. All of those cars are Chevys as well.

Back in 1962, when he was a high school sophomore, he heard the Beach Boys song: "409" regularly on the radio, and he thought that some day he might have a "4-speed, dual quad, posi-traction 409" of his own. At least, he could dream.

Then, about a year ago, fifty years later, Mike got serious about actually finding one, and he started searching everywhere for a black-on-black '64 Impala SS 409/425. He wanted black because, if kept clean, there is, in his opinion, no car color more stunning in appearance.

He wanted a '64 because that was his high school graduation year as well as the last year the 409/425 was offered. Plus, he just thinks they 're great-looking cars.

His search eventually led him to a radio-delete '64 Impala SS 409/425 with a 4-speed transmission and 4:56 rear end. With that combination, the original owner likely had one thought in mind: the distance between stop lights and how quickly he could cover it. Though he hasn 't been able to find out much about the car 's early history, it 's clear that this car was meant for drag racing.

Today, though, the car 's racing days are over. Mike looks at it and drives it sensibly now. Still, the engine 's growl in his ears says "...nothing can catch her, nothing can touch my 4-0-9!"

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The engine is the legendary 409 cubic-inch V-8 putting out 425 horsepower.

GM Big cars had huge trunks - this one looks like nothing ever sat in there.

Nice, fish-eye lens photo allows full view of the beautiful interior.

The early '60s full-size Chevrolets look sharp in profile.


409 badging behind the front wheels leaves no doubt as to what's under the hood.

This car looks sweet from any angle

In addition to the 409 engine, the car is equipped with a four-speed transmission a 4.56 rear axle ratio. Clearly, it was originally purchased for drag racing.