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J thru L

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Articles in this Section:

Loewy, Raymond: Designer (1967) - CL Magazine

Lockhart, Frank: Racer (1961) - CL Magazine

Lockhart, Frank: Racer (1958) - SCI Magazine

Liberman, Jungle Jim: Drag Racer (1967) - SS Magazine

Kurtis, Frank: Race Car Builder (1961) - CL Magazine

Knudsen, Semon "Bunkie": Automotive Executive (1968) - MT Magazine

Kettering, Charles: Inventor and Researcher (1967) - CL Magazine

Jordan, Chuck: Auto Stylist (1966) - CL Magazine

Jones, Parnelli: Race Car Driver (1965) - CL Magazine

Jenkins, Bill "Grumpy": Drag Racer Builder (1968) - HR Magazine

Jarrett, Ned: NASCAR Champion (1966) - CL Magazine

Interview with Dave Kindig -- Kindigit Design August 2016

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