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Car History - Car Stories

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Why did Chrysler Dump the Original Hemi?

The Return of the Marty Robbins No. 777 Plymouth Belvedere

The Bill Thomas Cheetah, Cobra Slayer or Corvette Alternative?

The Big Bad Boys - Muscle Cars did not start with the 1964 GTO!

Ron Pratt's 1953 Corvette By Boyd Coddington

Marty Robbins - Famous Singer and Darn Good Race Car Driver

Glory Days! Was 1970 the Pinnacle for the Muscle Car? Maybe Not.

Corvette vs. Cobra Circa 1964 - Two different cars playing in the same market - or not?

Comparing the Ford SOHC 427 to Chrysler's 426 Hemi

1962-1966: The Beginnings of GM Personal Luxury Cars

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