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1954 Corvette.

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Lingenfelter Collection: Corvettes, Part 1
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Here are additional photos of early Corvettes in the Collection as of 4/25/2014.

1954 GM Deswign Staff styling excercise.

1955 Corvette.

1958 Corvette.

1959 Corvette.

1965 396 convertible.

1965 396 coupe.

1967 427 coupe. This car was formerly owned by actor Nicolas Cage.

1969 427 coupe.

1971 LT-1.

1976 Greenwood GT.

1977 Granitelli-prepped turbo.

1978 25th Anniversary Indy 500 replica Pace CAr.

1990 Rick Mears Edition ZR-1.

1991 Callaway Twin Turbo.

1993 LPE ZR-1

1995 Guildstrand GS90.

1995 LPE

1995 LPE Turbo ZR-1

1996 Grand Sport.