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Here's an example of the 1973-1992 print ads we're looking for. This one is the infamous 1974 GTO, a Ventura with a hood scoop.

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2019-08 August Report:
Adding to J Walter Thompson Collection & Seeking 1973-1992 Ad Copy
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Please Note:

We are actively seeking donations of pre-1961 magazines from all publishers
 If you have magazines from this period, we will be pleased to accept them.¬†

Print Ad Copy:
We are actively seeking donations of 1973-1992 Print Ad copy. A scanned image at 300 dpi is sufficient, though you may send us the paper image that we will return to you if you desire.

Contact if you wish to donate items from this time period.


Collections Activity

1970s through 1990s J Walter Thompson Ad Copy -

With the addition of some new volunteers, we are back to adding more J Walter Thompson Ad Copy . We're also moving some of that work over to our regular ads section after removing the distribution information - wherever we don't have that ad in our regular collection.

1956-1958 Sports Cars Illustrated Magazines -

We're back to uploading early Sports Cars Illustrated magazines. We hope to complete from August 1957 through the end of 1958 by fall.

Progress Reports -

To see our 2018 activities, please check our 2018 Latest Uploads pages for our exact results.

To keep up to date on our progress, please check our 2019 Latest Uploads pages for our exact results.

For all of our 2019 Monthly Project Reports click HERE.


The Society's Collections Team