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Pontiac made one fine looking car in 1935. Jim Allan's 35 coupe is a fully restored example of the "Silver Streak" cars that Pontiac offered to the public.

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One mighty fine Pontiac Jim Allan’s 1935 Pontiac
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Jim Allan’s 1935 Pontiac 
As seen at Danville’s 1st Hot Summer Sunday’s car show
By No Limits staff
It’s not often that you can see a 1935 Pontiac coupe, much less one in such wonderful original condition as Jim Allen’s 1935 Pontiac Coupe. Pontiac touted the 1935 line of cars as the “Americas lowest priced fine car”. Such features as an all steel roof (remember many Fords still had a cloth insert for the roof) and hydraulic brakes were usually found on more expensive cars. Jim wanted an early Pontiac for quite some time and in searching, found this beauty in Hemmings just over a year ago. The car was being sold by the son of the original owner – who purchased the car new in 1935 and had bequeathed it to his son. 
The son did a full body off restoration of the car in 1992 and kept the car totally stock. After he moved to Atlanta the car was put up for sale and Jim purchased it.
The car is as it was in 1935 with the original interior and “rumble seat” intact. The interior is a soft grey cloth with a button tufted center back on both sides. On the dash, we see Pontiac’s “No Draft Ventilation” handle to raise or lower the cowl vent and a wood grained dash insert containing a large 100 MPH (very optimistic) speedometer and 4 side gauge inserts for water temp, fuel level, oil pressure and amperage. Of course the floor mounted shifter for the 3-speed manual transmission and that big hand brake handle right next to it.
Under the hood (divided by Pontiac’s famous “Silver Streak” chrome spear) we find the stock 223.4 straight eight flathead engine rated at 84 HP. The original Carter W-1 single barrel carb flows fuel to this remarkably smooth and quiet engine. Pontiac claimed to use silver alloy bearings to provide exceptional longevity. The car retains its original 6 volt system and pair of “road horns” to make sure you were heard !
The exterior of the car is done in a beautiful factory (not stock) color called Gettysburg Blue with all original chrome and polished stainless trim. At the rear of the car, on the passenger side are “steps” on the bumper and body for the use of occupants of the “rumble seat”. That’s how to get in and out without resorting to gymnastics!

The wheels are stock Pontiac 16” wrapped with Coker reproduction wide whites. The center hub caps are stock (original) 1935 Pontiac. 
We can’t say enough about how striking this car is in the warm California sun. One can image the pleasure of cruising down PCH 1 with the No Draft Ventilation open and the air flowing through. Pontiac had a winner on its hands in 1935 and we thank Jim for showing it off.

What a great grill and front end on this 35

A very inviting interior in this coupe

The dash has a wood grained insert with a big speedometer and four inset gauges

Here's that silky smooth Pontiac straight eight flathead motor

Check out the "steps" to get into and out of the rumble seat

Pontiac made some sweet wheels in 1935

Jump in a go for a nice ride