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Help us out!

What have you got?

***What We're Looking For

What We Need

Since Wild About Cars is a "library" first, we are always looking for reference materials.

Here are examples of the materials we are looking for:

  • Vintage Automotive Magazines (1950-1990)
  • Auto Advertisements
  • Auto Brochures
  • Factory Information, such as: Service Bulletins, Announcements, PR photos, Correspondence, Service Manuals, Sales Materials, Dealer Handouts, and Engineering Materials.
  • Technical Compilations.

What About Condition?

Of course, the better the condidtion, the easier it is to make available to the group, but many things can be "restored" to great condition in the digital world. But torn, badly smudged, or discolored items are less valuable than those in good condition,

Some things, though are worth the effort to acquire, regardless of condition, if they are rare or unknown. If you have a question, e-mail us at librarian@wildaboutcars.com.

I Have Stuff, What Should I Do?

First, you should check the website to make sure that we don't already have it. We have a fairly good search engine, but we suggest that you go to the "Downloads" section and use the "search" button there. Put in the best description you can come up with (5 words or less - don't start with the date or a number) and see if anything comes up.

In the case of magazines, you can go and look by magazine name and then by the date to see if we have it If we list it, we have it - if we don't, then you likely have something we need.

If you have something, e-mail us at acquisitions@wildaboutcars and we'll let you know what to do.

How Can I Get Them to Wild About Cars?

  • Obviously, you can mail it to us, but this imposes the most chance of loss or damage. If you choose this route, mail it to: Wild About Cars, 2910 Macalpin Dr. S., Palm Harbor, FL 34684.
  • The best way to get it to us is to scan it in and send the images to us (best to scan at 300 DPI). If you would like us to show you how, e-mail us at librarian@wildaboutcars.com (This is also where you can e-mail the images.
  • The super best thing to do, and we recognize that some skill in photo editing is required, is to scan it, clean it up, and then send in the images.

We hope that you can help us, every new file we receive help the entire hobby, so don't think that your item isn't valuable - it all makes the library stronger and the hobby better!