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Solid and striking - this convert wows 'em!

1969 GTOs look their best when viewed head on - and Bernie Stangle's convert is no exception.

1969 GTO Convertible - Bernie Stangle's blue bombshell gets it done

By Society Staff – reprint with permission only

Bernie Stangle's GTO was close by - and he didn't know it until he saw it on E-Bay!

My 1969 GTO convertible is my pride and joy. It is not a "numbers matching" car, though the 400 is the correct vintage and the automatic was replaced with a 4-speed. It turns heads wherever I go and I think the combination of Liberty Blue and Parchment interior is outstanding.

It is a power steering, power brake car and it is equipped with air conditioning. The other options installed are rear air shocks & disc brakes. It was a garage queen and always under a car cover.

The previous owner installed new carpet, and other interior pieces, repainted the car, added a new white top and glass rear window. The odometer shows 50 thousand, but I don't think it is accurate. It is Quadrajet equipped, and I am definitely considering adding Tri-power to it.

I bought this car from e-Bay in July of 2011, and surprisingly the owner lived in my town! He took meticulous care of the car, and had most of the work in its restoration done during the 7 years he owned it.

It still needs the dashboard to be restored or repaired. I am installing a modern radio in the glove box to retain the original look. The air conditioning does not work and will be my Spring project. Everything else is A-one.

When I saw it I was excited because it has beautiful paint and no rust - even the trunk is very clean. The tires are new and were replaced by the previous owner. It's a driver that I will keep super clean and enjoy - what else is a convertible GTO for?

This shot shows a super-straight body and really good paint.

The beautifully restored interior looks like th eday it left the showroom!

Bernie want to redo the dash, but it looks like only a bit of reconditioning is necessary.

Air conditioned cars have little room for the GTO air cleaner, but the famous 400 looks happy in its home.

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