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1967 GTOs have that mean and hungry look and Richard Painters' white wonder is no exception!

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1967 GTO Hardtop - Richard Painter never got over owning a GTO
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By Society Staff – reprint with permission only

I am the fifth owner of this beautiful GTO. The car was built in the Fremont California plant and shipped to Honolulu Hi. Delivery was taken on February 1, 1967. I have documentation, including "New Car Delivery Receipt" going back to original owner stating car was purchased in Honolulu Hi. I also have original Protect-O-Plate. A rare item is that the car is coded 584 which is heater delete from the factory. This car is also PHS documented.

The car was purchased from the original owner in March 1995 in Honolulu, Hi. The GTO was driven for about 6 months, then shipped to Texas and put into storage until 1998. It was restored by Performance Specialties of Mesquite, Texas during the period 1998-2000. The following were done in a frame off:

  • Conversion of front drums to discs.
  • Installed box rear control arms, KYB shocks, heavy duty sway bars front and rear.
  • Converted rear end to Safty-trac with 3:90 gears (since change to 3:42's for streetability).
  • Overhauled original transmission and added new torque converter.
  • Overhauled numbers correct YS code engine (TRW forged pistons, Melling HV oil pump, hardened valve seats, hi torque mini starter, Added HO/Ram Air factory exhaust manifolds.
  • All wiring harnesses replaced including dash harness.
  • All suspension and steering components replaced.
  • Harrison radiator rebuilt (since replaced with alum radiator for better cooling. I still have the Harrison).
  • New fuel tank.
  • New brake lines, fuel lines.
  • New wiring clips, sending units, etc.
  • Installed B&M shift kit for firmer shifts

Paint was restored to the original color of Cameo Ivory as indicated on factory built sheet and is in near perfect condition. All chrome is polished and almost all is original. Bumpers were re chromed. The car then stored from 2000-2003.

In 2005, the interior was completed to factory color of Dark Blue, includes new seat foam springs on front seats, OPG interior kit including door panels, seat covers, headliner, carpet, package tray and arm rests. Dash bezel was restored, and a replacement steering wheel was installed.

The GTO was then sold by the second owner to Texas Classic Cars in Texas. It was then purchased by a gentleman in North Georgia in 2008. My wife and I purchased the GTO in June of 2011. Since I purchased the car I have added a reproduction HO air cleaner assembly, and "put up" the original "Pancake" air cleaner.

This is our 3rd 1967 GTO. I purchased the first one in September 1967, it was a Champagne 2dr Hardtop with gold interior and the Turbo 400 on the column, My wife and I eloped in it in October 1967! Five months later we had to trade it in for a gas saver! I had another one from 1999 until 2003 and sold it to buy a 2003 Corvette.

I have never got over my first one, so we had to have just one more! Hopefully this one stays around for a while! By the way, I still have the same wife 44 years later! God has been good!

Richard Painter

'67 GTOs look great from any angle - but this shot shows off the great lines of the car.

Sleek and sexy

White with a blue interior is a great combo and steps away from the typical black.

What many muscle cars owners saw when a GTO was under full power. The 1967 Plate is a great touch.