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Dennis Koss's 1962 421 SD has been treated to the Royal Bobcat upgrade - a rare option even "back in the day".

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Cruising Woodward today, the car is a beautiful time capsule

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1962 Royal Bobcat Catalina - Dennis Koss wanted one from day one!
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By Dennis Koss and Society Staff – reprint with permission only

In 1962 I tried to purchase this exact car, but because it required a special factory order - it was too late in the year to get it. I then purchased a loaded 1963 Grand Prix, with a 421 a 4-speed etc. Loved the car but always wanted the '62 body style. After the GP I bought a '66 GTO, which was also a great car.

Fast forward 30 years. My wife, Mary, and I found a restored '66 GTO much like the one we had originally. We paid the asking price, cruised it and had lots of fun, but we were always keeping an eye out for that '62 Catalina.

About six years later I came across a frame-off restoration of a '62 421 Catalina that was quite close to the one I had wanted to order "back in the day". Again, we paid the asking price (ouch) but this time I decided to have a second rotisserie frame-off restoration done so as to change the Mandolay Red to the correct Belmar Red, which matched the beautiful Ventura interior.

The only thing missing now was that back then, I would have had the Royal Pontiac BOBCAT Treatment from the Royal Pontiac dealership in Royal Oak, Michigan done to my dream car. For those that may not know, that treatment consisted of mechanically super-tuning the engine to well beyond factory specs.

The car we have restored is is not an aluminum body car, but it has the Super Duty suspension, Muncie "Rock Crusher" trans, 4.10 rear gear with Safe-T-Track, Hurst shifter and linkage, all attached to a dual quad highly modified (even though it looks stock) 421, now displacing 467ci and making 500hp. In its current condition, this car is way beyond the original Super Duty specs.

Part of the BOBCAT Treatment was to have an accent color ( silver ) painted over the side windows, along the side spear, between the tail lights and have the word PONTIAC, above the back bumper, rearranged and by adding two "B"s from a Bonneville, rename the car BOBCAT.

One more critical thing was that Royal had bought some aftermarket knock-off spinners that they put on the caps of the 8 lug wheel hubs. I wanted those badly, but after four years of hunting they were still impossible to find, and it was holding up the final renovation to make the car a correct BOBCAT.

I was showing the Cat at the Meadowbrook Concours D'Elegance and a man came up to me and said he had a set of original spinners and he would GIVE them to me if I needed them. They were slightly pitted, so after getting new clean castings made I sent the car to SuperCar Specialties. There, Scott Tiemann renovated the car to the original BOBCAT specs - and a mere 40 years later I took delivery of my favorite car!

We enjoy cruising and showing the car to people who have not seen this model in many years. It's won over 40 awards - especially POCI Gold for Stock and Gold for Modified and the Eagle Award at the Meadowbrook Concours D'Elegance. It's a rare local model that Pontiac lovers appreciate seeing again.

The Specs:

  • Belmar Red with matching Ventura bucket seat interior
  • Scott Tiemann's Supercars Specialties renovation to a BOBCAT package per the 1962 Car life Magazine article about Royal Pontiac's "How to build a BOBCAT"
  • 455 60/over to a 467cu in
  • Dual Carter 4bbl carbs
  • Comp cam
  • Hurst linkage with Muncie "Rockcrusher" 4 speed trans
  • 4.10 rear gear with Safe-T-Track
  • SUN Tachometer
  • Heater and radio delete (AM/FM Disc player in glove box)
  • 2 1/2" Aluminized exhaust - and dumps with Flowmaster mufflers
  • Edlebrock aluminum intake and exhaust manifolds

The Awards:

  • 393/400 points Gold Modified at the St. Louis POCI National Convention
  • 386/400 Points Gold Stock (as a BOBCAT) Dayton POCI National Convention
  • Lion Award in Class at the 2007 Meadowbrook Concours D'Elegance
  • Best in Class at the Ames Pontiac Nationals Norwalk Ohio
  • Best of Show at the Gilmore Museum All Pontiac Show
  • Won at the 50th Annual Detroit Autorama
  • Best of Class, Best of Show and Van Seymore Memorial Award at the Widetrackers All Pontiac regional Dust-off Show
  • Best Paint, Best of Class and Best of Show at the Bob Sellers All Pontiac Show
  • About 30 other Plaques and Trophies at local and regional shows
  • Cover article in the POCI Smoke Signals
  • Cover article in Muscle Car Enthusiast
  • Pictured 6 times and described in the Woodward Ave. History of Cruising coffee table book by Robert Genat

NOTE: This is a standard car - not an aluminum SD car.

This is likely how Royal and Pontiac would have shown off the car back in '62.

Royal made a lot of subtle changes to differentiate the BOBCAT from the standard 421. Note the relettering now spelling out "BOB CAT" and the silver insert in the deck lid facia.

Pontiac knew how to do interiors - and this car is no exception. Look closely and you can see the radio and heater deletion.

This is what the business end of a 421 SD looked like - and this one now displaces 467 cu. in. and makes 500HP!

This shot shows the ultra-rare spinners that were attached to the 8-lug Pontiac aluminum brakes/wheels. Dennis had a set of used spinners re-cast so that he would have a perfect set!

The BobCat treatment included the special badge on the C pillar and the silver inset in the quarter trim (and door).

This shot shows the wonderful detail in this resto.

The BobCat and the Koss's other jewel a 1961 Catalina convert. The convert will be a feature in the next Wild ABout Cars Issue.