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No doubt about it. This car was made for cruisin' Woodward.
1961 Pontiac Catalina Convertable - When Dennis Koss brought this car home, it was music to his wife's ears

By Society Staff – reprint with permission only

My wife Mary and I have been driving and showing our 1962 (Supercar Specialties) renovated Royal BOBCAT Catalina for a couple of years. We actually brought it to the Dayton Convention where it took a Gold in Stock Points Judged. We had a convertible a long time ago and have always kept an eye out for another one.

Well one day a friend asked me to check out a Pontiac that he thought he might want to buy. I usually know about Pontiacs that are for sale through friends and clubs but I had not heard of this one. When he described it I said "Let's go right now and check it out".

He picked me up and we went a few miles from my house to a business that buys and sells cars, usually on a private level. Coincidently, this business happened to be owned by an old friend of mine. As we pulled into the lot the car was parked outside. My friend Nino said "That's it. Lets check it out". He had a few questions about standard equipment that were easily answered.

The car turned out to be a restored 1961 Catalina Convertible, 389/4bbl, automatic, power steering, power brakes, aftermarket but correct vintage air-conditioning, 8-lug drums, dual exhaust , custom interior Black beauty. The car was stunning. I told Nino the car was a great buy and my suggestion was for him to get it before someone else finds out about it. Then Kip, the owner of the company came out. We had not seen each other for many years and after comparing who had more hair left on our heads, we talked about the car. After a nice discussion, Nino decided that he wanted something with more "muscle" and a manual shift. That's when I said that if he does not buy this car I would and he said, "Go for it". As I whipped out the checkbook I asked to whom I write out the check. With a funny smile Kip said, "Bob Seger".

Mary and I have been to every Seger concert possible and even got to meet and speak with him many years ago at a restaurant in Detroit. He was very gracious and kept talking to us even though Mary was in a Seger-induced coma, unable to speak or move.

I drove the car to my mechanic in town and he gave it a clean OK. When I brought it back, we made the deal. I called Mary and said that I had just bought her Mother's Day gift and was going to "drive" it home. After describing the car to her, she asked why we needed another classic car (as nice as it was and that SHE could drive this one). I knew it was time to pull out the big guns. "It's Bob Seger's car". I think her exact words were. "Bring that bad boy home!"

Unlike the BOBCAT with SD suspension, 4-speed dual-quads etc, this Catalina is a summer evening pleasure cruiser. We sometimes drive both cars to a show or for a change of pace we will take either one. This was in Seger's collection for seven years so it was not seen except for the few, rare occasions he brought it out. I took it to Dr. Scott Tiemann's for a little "nip-tuck" here and there. The car has since won a Best of Class at the Bob Sellers All Pontiac Show, Best of class at the Franklin Concours d'Elegance and Best of Class, Best of Show and The Van Seymore Memorial Award at the 2010 Widetrackers Dust Off show (thank you Widetrackers).

Mary was interviewed on TV during the Woodward cruise and the car is pictured in the new "Woodward Avenue:Cruising the legendary strip" coffee table book that just came out this year. Mary named the car "NIGHT MOVES" and I had a front plate made for it. It's on Bob Seger's web site and we hope to have him autograph it someday soon.

We cruise Woodward almost every weekend, spring through fall, so if you see us please honk and wave.

The flawless interior illustrates the classic Pontiac styling. Console tachometer looks cool but its low position must've made it hard to read at speed.

I wouldn't mind riding all the way to Katmandu in the back seat of this gem.

389 and a 4-bbl provides more than enough get up'n go. The engine compartment looks every bit as sanitary as the rest of the car.

Gorgeous from any angle. Reminds me of those long ago days when you could identify a car's make with just a glance.

Dennis had this front plate custom made for his wife as a tribute to Bob Seger. Dennis and Mary truly share an uncommon link to the legendary singer.

'Night Moves' isn't the only Indian on the Koss' reservation. Their 1962 Royal Bobcat Catalina is featured in another article here on Wild About Cars.