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Jean and Dave have owned their beautiful 1955 Cadillac Coupe de Ville since 2009, and they are fourth in the line of ownership.

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This example was number 15,613 of 33,300 Coupe de Villes built in 1955. It was originally sold in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It stayed in the same family until 2001.

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1955 Cadillac Coupe de Ville - Jean and Dave Yaros' Gray Lady is Most Definitely Not Down!
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By Society Staff – reprint with permission only

Jean and Dave Yaros have owned their beautiful, 59,385-mile 1955 Cadillac since 2009, and they are the fourth owners. The car was originally purchased in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for $4,305, and it is named for its factory color scheme: Atlantic Gray over Alabaster Gray.

As is typical for luxury makes like Cadillac, this car is well-equipped with options, including Autronic-Eye headlight control, Wonderbar radio, E-Z Eye Glass, vacuum powered antenna, and power steering, windows, brakes and seat.

The second owner purchased the car in 2001 and kept it for seven years. He outfitted the car sabre-spoke wheels, which was a factory option, as well as the correct wide whitewall 8.20 x 15 bias ply tires.

Dave and Jean have not done much to the car since purchase. Dave did do a rebuild of the factory Rochester quadrajet carburetor and restored the glass bowl fuel filter that had been removed earlier in the car 's life. He corrected a gasoline leak at the sending unit by merely tightening the fasteners. Dave also swapped out the factory oil bath filter element for a paper filter, installed a new hood pad, added chrome exhaust extensions, replaced the rear quarter window seals, replaced the day/night mirror with an NORS mirror, found a fifth wheel that matched the four on the car to use as a spare and replace the steel wheel that had been in the trunk, and installed seat belts.

Dave experienced a bit of a scare in replacing the window seals, and it had to do with the design of GM automatic transmissions back then. His Caddy 's transmission does not have a Park position. He had left the car in neutral as he was pushing on the quarter window seal to install it, and his pushing was hard enough to cause the car to start rolling right on out of the garage. Fortunately, he managed to stop the car before any damage was done, and he has since learned to park the car in Reverse and chock the front wheels for good measure.

Their state of residence requires both front and back license plates, and the car did not have the front bracket. Dave did find a bracket from a '55 Cadillac hearse, and he did some restoration work to "bring it back to life" before mounting it.

Wherever Jean and Dave take their Caddy, it never fails to turn heads. In the summer of 2012 the Gray Lady was taken on a 1,000 mile round-trip to London, Ontario to participate in the Fleetwood Country Cruise-In.

As would be expected for a Cadillac, this car is well-optioned.

A new pad graces the underside of the hood.

Sabre spoke wheels were a factory option and were added by the car's second owner.

Dave added seat belts, complete with the Cadillac crest, to bring the car to more modern safety standards.

A better view of the instrument cluster.

Dave added chrome exhaust extensions to help prevent the bumper from rusting.

Dave restored a glass bowl fuel filter to the car. The original one had been removed at some point along the way.

Vintage 1955 advertisement features a Coupe de Ville.