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Miss Linda Vaughn -- Hurst Golden Shifter -- shown here in the Hurst Hairy Olds -- a twin engined 1966 442 designed by Doc Watson
Linda Vaughn Roast -- a howling success

August 29, 2012 -- Carmel, Indiana. Those of us who went to the races in the 60's and 70's all remember Linda Vaughn. She was Miss Hurst Golden Shifter girl and (for young pups like me back then) a beautiful vision of our dream girl. Linda Vaughn was -- and still is -- a class representative of all the great racing events of that era. My wife Ellen and I attended the Roast and I'm happy to report that the night was memorable, to say the least. The Event was held as the lavish Lucas Estate in Carmel, IN. Many thanks to the Lucas family for being gracious hosts.

We arrived at the "event" hotel mid afternoon, and Linda was there and greeted me with a big hug. Yes, this was going to be a magical evening. And it did not disappoint. In addition to the tributes by the speakers and other activities, I had the pleasure of meeting many of the legends of the sport in attendance along with talking with Linda Vaughn, "Doc" Watson and Traci Hrudka, the dynamo who organized the event.

This was a fundraiser too, and everyone could have stayed home and wrote a check. But we all would have missed the opportunity to celebrate and pay tribute to one of the most endearing persons to ever be involved in motorsports. A roast? Not really. Even in jest, it just wouldn't seem right.

The "roasters" came up one by one and told stories like Chip Ganassi who told of how many years ago Linda took a young driver under her wing and encouraged him when he was a relative nobody, and helped inspire him to do better. The young man he was referring to was, of course, himself.

Perhaps the greatest tribute to Linda was given unintentionally by Linda herself. When the roasters were trying to pay tribute to her, she seemed to effortlessly turn the accolades to the roaster for their contributions to the the sport. Now that, my friends, is a class act.

Organized and sponsored by The Quarter Mile Association -- A group of individuals from within the drag racing and performance automotive aftermarket community, led by Traci Hrudka, with the express intent of creating a documentary to capture the history of drag racing and the performance automotive aftermarket that spawned from it. Additionally, past the documentary, there is an urgent need to preserve and archive this history told by its documents, photographs and movies. Traci and the Quarter Mile Foundation needs your support, so please contribute to the cause.

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Kurt Shubert. Wild About Cars staff.

Darrell Gwynn as Miss Golden Shifter "boy" gets a kiss from Bob Frey, the masterful Master of Ceremonies for the event. All party photos by and courtesy of Dean Weasner

Tony Stewart, Linda and John Force having some laughs

Linda Vaughn at the Roast

Kurt, Linda, Linda's friend, and Kurt's wife Ellen.

Kurt and Doc Watson

Tireless Traci Hrudka, the sparkplug organizer of the event