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At first, Rodney Dapilmoto thought that a 2010 Camaro SS was out of his price range as all those he could find were selling at several thousand dollars above the sticker price.

He finally found a dealer who would sell him one at MSRP, but he would have to order the car. Three months later, he had it.

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Rodney considered both the Infiniti G37 and Nissan 370Z before, at the suggestion of his daughter, taking a look at the new, 2010, fifth-generation Camaro, which was hitting showrooms in the summer of 2009.

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2010 Chevrolet Camaro SS - Rodney Dapilmoto's purchase was inspired by Hollywood
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By Society Staff – reprint with permission only

Like many Fifth Generation Camaro owners, Texan Rodney Dapilmoto fell in love with this car when he saw the 2007 animated film "Transformers: The Movie" where Bumblebee transforms into a new Camaro. In the summer of 2009, Rodney was looking to replace his 2000 Chrysler 300M. He liked the Chrysler, but he was ready for a change, and the scenes from Transformers still played in his head.

At that time, he was considering the Infiniti G37 and the Nissan 370Z. It was his daughter, Analisa, who creminded im of the movie and convinced him to look at the 2010 Camaro. He went to several dealerships in the San Antonio area and looked at these cars, but he was dismayed to find that most of them were selling for $5,000 over MSRP.

He was a little discouraged, and he didn't think he would be able to afford one. Well, he got lucky and found that Wommack Chevrolet in Castroville, Texas would sell him a brand-new 2010 Camaro SS at MSRP. Rodney would have to order the vehicle, and he would have to wait about three months for it to arrive.

So Rodney placed his order on July 18, 2009 and arrive it did on October 16. Talk about "permagrin", Rodney was in heaven and has been hooked ever since. Over the last year and a half he has been having modifications done, and these are listed below.

Engine Bay Modifications

  • Chrome accessories from Showstoppers
  • Underhood Camaro SS/RS Mirror Plate from Emblempros
Performance Modifications
  • CAI, Inc. cold air intake
  • Borla ATAK cat back exhaust
  • American Racing 1 7/8" long tube headers w/high flow cats
  • Pedders XA Coil Overs, ZL1 Sway Bar, Toe Links, Radius Rods, and Bushings.
  • Dyno and Tune by Henderson Performance
External Modifications
  • Window Tinting - 20%
  • SS Outline Chrome License Plate Frame
  • SS Chrome Valve Stem Caps
  • IOM Molded Splash Guards
  • JW Motorsports License Plate LED's
  • River City Creations Black w/IOM Front & Rear BowtiesRiver City Creations IOM DRL Bezels
  • River City Creations IOM Taillight Bezels
  • Technostalgia LED Tail Lights with Sequential Turn Signals
  • AAC Grille Lighting LED Strips
  • JDP Motorsports RS Color-Changing Halo Kit
  • IOM "Ghosted" side-markers from AAC
  • MPD1 Spoiler
Interior Modifications
  • Lloyd's SS Floor Mats
  • DRL Harness
  • SRP IOM Aluminum Pedals
  • Door Panel Protector - Stainless Steel w/CAMARO Logo
  • P13W Plasma LED Bulbs
  • IOM Footwell Ambient Lighting
  • AAC 3157 Chrome Turning Signal Bulbs
  • JW Motorsports Interior Dome Light and Trunk Light LEDs
  • ABL Dash Kit with Inferno Orange LED's


With as aggressive a stance as any Camaro to come before, Rodney's SS is a real head-turner, especially given the modifications he's made to the car.

Looking like something straight out of Star Trek, the interior of Rodney's SS has been brought to the height of technological sophistication and fun.


While the exterior look of Rodney's Camaro harkens back to the 1967 original, be assured that the engine bay does not!

The CAI air intake is one of several engine modifications Rodney has made.

The San Antonio Tower of the Americas provides the backdrop for this shot of Rodney's gorgeous Camaro.