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Is your piece good enough to be part of our Living History?

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Take a few shots and get them to us!

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**Get Your Car Featured On Our Website and in No Limits Magazine!
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A big part of our mission is to document hobbyist's cars - and as such we already have nearly 300 members' cars featured. We are not looking for trailer queens (though that's OK too), we are looking for the piece you keep in your garage. See examples HERE.

Here's what you need to do:

  • First, register at Wild About Cars (takes about a minute).
  • Then shoot 5-8 pictures of the exterior and at least 1 interior shot and 1 engine compartment shot.
  • Put together an outline of
    • how you acquired the car,
    • what it's like now, and
    • its history.
  • Of course, you can write the story yourself - if not, we will write it from your outline.
  • Send it to Subject: Featured Car - (List your car's make/model).

Unless it belongs in a crusher, we guarantee it will be published, not only on the website - but in our No Limits Magazine (which you will receive 4-8 times a month once you sign up).

Here's a sample: 

We look forward to seeing your car in Wild About Cars and we hope you do too!