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A true speedster doing what it does best -- running hard !!

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photo courtesy of American Museum of Speed

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Speedsters to converge at Speedy Bills
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By Jim Donnelly at Hemmings Blog  January 28, 2013

Those stripped-down, lightened, noisy takeoffs on the Ford Model T known as speedsters have an exalted place in automotive history, not just as the first true hot rods for the masses, but as the force behind an early speed industry that allowed them to dominate American racing before guys like Harry Miller started working their magic.

Every two years, the speedsters and their owners gather In Lincoln, Nebraska, for a revival at the fantastic Museum of American Speed, run by Speedway Motors founder Bill Smith. The reunion, we ought to add, welcomes all early four-cylinder cars, regardless of whether they’re Fords or not. Besides a show, the reunion will include a hill climb and a 135-mile tour. The museum is one of the world’s great collections of vintage speed equipment, with early Fords a prime component.

The reunion will take place this year from June 19 to 22.

For more information, visit

Speedsters on the lawn

Speedsters at the Museum of American Speed