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Bob Walton's Route 66, The People - The Places - The Dream
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Route 66, The People - The Places - The Dream
by Sal Santoro and Bob Walton

Travel Route 66 with two retired guys as they fulfill the dream of a lifetime by driving coast-to-coast and back in a forty-one year old Cadillac. Experience the challenges, the thrills, the excitement and the triumph of their 7,292 mile, 38 day road trip. Enjoy the iconic places and the friendly people of the Mother Road. Envision yourself in the hundreds of full-color photos that chronicle their adventure. Find the answer to the question, “Can two good friends spend almost every waking moment together for more than five weeks and not kill each other?”

Not only does this book document that they can, but it demonstrates that dreams do come true and it invites you to come along for the ride. Wish it, dream it, do it! Click HERE to get your hands on this wonderful story.