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Bob Gerometta - Lies, Promises & Incidental Deaths
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Our Editor Writes a Mystery - Lies, Promises & Incidental Deaths

Bob Gerometta, our Wild About Cars No Limits Editor, has written a thriller called Lies, Promises & Incidental Deaths. If you like to be glued to your seat from when you open the first page until the end, then this is for you!

Governor Richard Jarvis of Georgia has used his wealth, power, and connections to become the front-runner in his party's nomination for President. His campaign is a masterpiece and it looks like he is on his way to the White House. But there is a deeply hidden lie in his life - he has been groomed for years by mob bosses to reach this highest office. Victor Campbell, a millionaire associate of Jarvis, has discovered the Governor's secret, but cannot disclose it without revealing a lie that will eradicate his vast fortune.

Victor decides he must find a way to stop the Governor without exposing his own lie. He recruits others to plot an exposé. But he is working on borrowed time. The Governor has a plan in place to eliminate him to get at his millions; Elmore Crewe, the governor's chief of security is suspicious of him; and the National Security Agency has him in their sights as a suspect in a murder that the Governor engineered. All are about to find out the implications of their lies, innocent or malicious, when they collide in this novel.

Interested? You can buy this thriller by clicking HERE.