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The featured 1969 Corvette - back, bold and beautiful.
A group of Jersey Shore car enthusiasts gather to show their resiliance one year later.

Hurricane Sandy Classic Cars Clobbers New Jersy Classic Cars - One Year Later

“Superstorm” Sandy’s East Coast arrival in October 2012 brought with it the classic car hobby’s single most devastating loss to date. While Sandy may have destroyed homes and property, what she couldn’t rattle was the spirit of Jersey Shore collector car enthusiasts. It’s this passion and dedication that American Detours: Superstorm Sandy sets out to capture.

In two special episodes, American Detours hosts Jael de Pardo (SyFy Network) and Jeff Glucker (Hooniverse.com) take a beautifully restored classic—a 1969 Chevrolet Corvette—out of the garage and onto the open road, talking cars and cruising to Jersey Shore landmarks along the way.

The 1969 Corvette, insured with Agreed Value coverage through American Collectors Insurance, was completely submerged in salt water due to Superstorm Sandy. The owner, a longtime car enthusiast, opted to purchase the salvage back after the claim was paid, and set out to restore the car again, almost immediately.

Interestingly, over 40 % of American Collectors Insurance’s claimants, for example, decided to buy back the salvaged remains of their totaled vehicles after Superstorm Sandy - and they are in the process of restoring them back to pre-storm glory. Forty percent is a staggering number that speaks to the passion collector car enthusiasts have for their rides, especially when you consider the fact that many of these same people also sustained severe damage to their homes and daily drivers.

To document the passion collector vehicle enthusiasts have for the hobby and Jersey Shore residents have for the beloved area they call home— American Collectors Insurance and American Detours staff put together a documentary series of videos on New Jersey Car enthusiasts and their passionate desire to bring their cars back from the dead  - and you can watch American Detours: Superstorm Sandy Part 1 and Part 2 right now just follow these links:

Note: American Collectors CEO, Jill Bookman, VP of Sales and Marketing, Laura Packard, and American Detours host, Jeff Glucker, all put in much time and effort to deliver this story. For more info you can contact Crystal DeCotiis: crystal@mintadv.com.