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To Find out how to be on the "Wall of Fame" - see the link below.

Wall of Fame - Honorary Society Members

The "Wall of Fame" is a listing of Automotive History Preservation Society Honorary Members. The people or organizations have made a special effort to promote our efforts "To actively promote the preservation of the historical records and artifacts of the automotive industry, particularly those of the U.S. manufacturers, from inception to the present day."

Want to find out how to be on the Wall of Fame?
Contact Eric.White@ahpsoc.org

Please enjoy these photographs - and note those that have made an outstanding effort to preserve our automotive history.

Current Wall of Fame Members:

  • Bob Gerometta
  • Eric White
  • Willis Dennis
  • Kurt Shubert
  • Craig Sparkes
  • Jeff Farber
  • Jan Kaltrider
  • Wayne Brandon
  • Charles Johnson
  • Daniel Gulino
  • Chris Russell
  • Jim Luikens
  • Mike Buckel
  • Tim Sickle
  • Linda Fraschilla
  • William Saksa
  • Dave Davis
  • Michelle Baldwin
  • Dave Leash
  • Jim Luikens
  • Randy Rhinehart
  • Drew Hardin
  • Christina Davidson
  • Jessi Lang
  • Courtney Hansen
  • Ray Evernham
  • Della Domingo
  • Linda Vaughn
  • Trevor Bladon
  • Marc Meadors
  • Karen Morris
  • Bob Boberg
  • Leslie Armbruster 
  • Marty Schorr
  • Colby Martin

Thank you to everyone else that helps us with our mission, including our donating members!

Jessi Lang

Marc Meadors (left)

Courtney Hansen

Dave Davis (left) and William Saksa (right)

Marty Schorr (left)