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One of the many cool cars and truck at the 18th PPG Nationals was Milt Carnes Jr. 1962 Chevrolet Impala hardtop with the mighty dual quad 409 under the hood.
1962 Chevrolet Impala Coupe - "She's Real Fine - My 409" is how Milton Carnes Jr. feels

By Society Staff – reprint with permission only

A lot of car folks think that the "muscle car" era began in 1964 with the Pontiac GTO. If you define a muscle car as an intermediate body with a big block engine -- you might have a point. But before there was a GTO or a 442 there was the mighty 409 Chevy. 

Introduced mid-year 1961, the 409 was Chevy's answer to the 389 Pontiacs that were the class of the stockers at the strip. A major upgrade to the 348 "W" engine that was first used in 1958, the 409 for 1962 was a "take no prisoners" option in the full size Chevy line. While the "tame version" of the 409 -- rated at 350 HP with a single 4 barrel carb was seen in many Impalas, the serious Chevy guy ordered the dual quad 409 cu.in. -- 409 HP killer engine. 

Milton Carnes Jr. of Charleston WV is just such a guy. His poppy red 1962 Impala is equipped just the way a cool Impala would be -- the mighty 409 dual quad engine, backed by a T-10 4-speed transmission out to a posi-traction rear.

Inside, the restored interior boasts a sweet pearl white seats and door panels to go with the stock dash and steering wheel. A radio, with the standard Impala rear speaker in between the rear seat, is all that is needed to compliment the sweet sounds of that 409.

On the outside, the arrow straight sheet metal is restored to stock configuration and covered in mile deep Poppy Red. All the stainless, trim and bumpers are in perfect condition. Looking like a nice mild mannered Impala hardtop, Milt's car gives it away when you see those crossed flags on the front fender and the numbers "409" under them. This is fair warning.

But it's that engine that draws your attention to this Impala. Under the hood sits the 409 displaying those distinctive scalloped valve covers and two Carter AFB's. when those secondaries open up, it sounds like the hood will be sucked in !  Awesome.

No doubt as the Beach Boys sang -- "She's Real Fine -- My 409" !!

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This was Chevy's "silver bullet" in 1962 -- the mighty 409!

A beautifully restored interior and dash.

Another view of the interior.

This is it -- the "4-speed, dual quad, posi-traction 409!