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Madness on Main Street, hosted by the Midnighters NorCal Car club and the Downtown Martinez Main Street Organization was a day of fun. 200+ cars, motorcycles, trucks and even custom bicycles. It's in our backyard so we had to make it. Glad we did!
Madness on Main Street - Martinez, CA Sept 12, 2015

Madness on Main Street –
Martinez, CA car show  Sept 12, 2015

By Society Staff – reprint with permission only

No Limits enjoys attending and participating in local car shows. The Madness on Main Street show was right in our backyard—we live in Martinez ! So we washed off the 442 and joined in the fun. And fun it was. Hosted by the Midnighters NorCal Car Club and the Downtown Martinez Main Street Organization, the show was a gas!

From 10 AM to past 3PM there were cars all up and down Main Street and a few side streets as well. Our guess was that there was close to 200+ cars. There was no criteria for entry so there were cars from all eras—American iron, foreign cars, trucks, motorcycles and a good deal of custom bicycles as well.  We were parked next to a 2015 Shelby GT500 Mustang. Packing 630 HP its supercharged 5.8 L motor made VERY STRONG sounds!

Strolling down Main Street, we saw a stunning black 1947 Cadillac as well as a 54 Caddy coupe. There were '60s Camaros of every state, customization, and engine combos. For Ford lovers, there were Mustangs, Falcon Sprints, early '50s flatheads, a T-Bird and an FE-engined Galaxie.  A semi-custom '53 Merc was a treat to the eyes.

Besides Camaros, the “bow-tie” crowd was well represented. On a side street off Main were a half dozen 1958 Chevy Impalas looking as cool as a drive in movie lot.  Hydraulic '63-'65 Chevys put on a show and the early '50s Chevys were as cool as ever. A sweet '56 Nomad and '37 Coupe were especially nice. Other GM standouts were a '68 442 and '65 Buick special. We will have a write up on these cars soon.

A few roadsters and rat rods made their presence known, as well as some very sharp late model cars with all the custom touches. Soon it was 3 o’clock and the Midnighters had finished selecting their choices for many different categories and awards. It took an hour to recognize all the winners—from Best Bicycle to Best in Show—all the efforts that went into making these rides paid off.

So once again, a local show provided a whole lot of fun. We met some great folks, saw a bunch of cool cars and spent some time just “talking cars” with the folks I was parked near. Go to your local shows, you won’t be disappointed.

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How about this super fine '47 Caddy?

This '50 Coupe DeVille is one sweet ride!

A bunch of 58 Chevy Impalas. Cool!

A full-on '56 Nomad. Shield your eyes in the sun!