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Gary's Get-Together was a celebration of the life of Gary Meadors -- the original Goodguy. His many friends, fans and those who enjoyed the many Goodguys events he developed and promoted, gathered in Danville CA to pay homage to a great guy.

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Gary's Get-Together A memorial event for Gary Meadors -- The Original Goodguy
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Gary’s Get-Together – a memorial day for Gary Meadors
February 14, 2016 – Blackhawk Museum – Danville CA

There was not a more fitting way to say goodbye to Gary Meadors – the real Goodguy – than a Get-Together on a beautiful warm and sunny day in California. Car loving folks from all over California and beyond showed up to honor Gary and all he has meant to the world of cars. There were 200 parking spaces set aside at the Blackhawk Museum for Get-Together fans and they quickly filled. No Limits arrived 2 hours prior to the start of the memorial event and got one of the last few spots still available. But Gary’s fans and their cars continued to roll in and filled the adjacent lots to capacity. In classic Goodguys’ Get-Together style, there were street rods, customs, muscle cars, resto-mods and even a Rolls Royce street rod !!  Looking at cars, meeting owners, and talking cars was the order of the day.

The memorial event was held inside the Blackhawk Automotive Museum main exhibit hall. As you approached the museum, Gary’s cars were on display – his 47 and his stunning Chrysler Town and Country convertible (with Chrysler Viper V10 power) flanked the entrance. Inside, Gary’s iconic 32 Ford sedan and his well known ’29 T track roadster were in the halls. There were two large banners on tables with “Godspeed Gary” and his image – everyone was invited to sign the banners. 

As the crowd began to migrate from the parking area to the museum hall, you began to see old friends as well as (what can only be described) a who’s who of hot rodding and cars. We spied Barry McGuire as we came to the hall. Steve Moal and Roy Brizio gave heartfelt remembrances of Gary as well as video remembrances from the likes of Thom Taylor. No Limits were seated far back in the room and discreetly sitting there was Dana Mecum. He was just one of the many “car guys” who came to pay their respects.

Gary always began his events with the National Anthem – after a moving prayer offering by 25 year employee Betsy Bennett, Mr. Andrew Storar played a magnificent rendition of the Star Spangled Banner on his trumpet.  By far, the most moving tribute came from his son, Marc Meadors- who recalled his father’s efforts, dedication and ultimate success in Goodguys. Probably the highest tribute by Marc was his statement that Gary told him, upon retiring and having Marc assume Presidency of the Association that he taught Marc everything he needed to know to succeed. The best gift from a father to a son.
There followed a series of remembrances of Gary by some of his closest friends.

The event ended with a wonderful video of Gary’s life, titled “Life In The Good Lane”.  As Gary would always say – “drive ‘em”

Goodbye Gary & Godspeed 

to see more photos of the event -- click here

Street rods, customs , muscle cars and more filled the lots

How about a Rolls Royce street rod !

Gary's Chrysler Town & Country

The main hall -- there was another hall to handle the overflow -- Gary's friends turned out in force

Godspeed Gary ! We'll miss you