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The weather was perfect -- sunny skies and cool breeze. lots of cars and trucks and a great way to start the local car show season. Well done Midnighters NorCal car club !

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5th annual Alhambra High School car show April 16, 2016 Martinez, CA
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by No Limits staff

5th Annual Alhambra High School Car Show
April 16, 2015 Martinez, CA
Organized by the Midnighters NorCal car club

This was the first local car show in the home town of the editor of No Limits. Therefore, it was a must attend event and we brought out our 1967 Cutlass 442 to participate and report.  The weather could not have been better. The skies were crystal blue and sunny and the temperature got into the low 80’s. Given Martinez’s proximity to the Carquinez Strait, a cool ocean breeze was present. The show itself was held in the vast parking lot of the Alhambra High School adjacent to the football field. Cars began to show up for registration at 8:00 AM and continued in a steady flow until around 10.

The Midnighters NorCal car club was hosting the event and it was open to all cars and trucks of any manufacture and vintage. There were Japanese “tuner” cars, modern muscle from Ford, GM and Chrysler, hot rods, classic muscle cars, 50’s customs and trucks as well as a couple of full on dirt track racers. In short, this was a car lover’s delight. With everyone settled in, it was time to stroll around, see the cars and trucks and meet old friends. We parked the 442 next to an outrageous 2015 Shelby GT500 with a supercharged engine making 630 HP. And when it fired up, you could hear every one of them !!

Some of our favorite cars were a beautiful 1953 Mercury custom. This candy red and white chopped / “Carson” topped Merc was stunning. Parked right next to it was a long long 66 Cadillac convertible. The paint job on this Caddy was absolutely magnificent. The two tone cream and gray was separated by tasteful burgundy graphics with the Cadillac logo as part of the line. Big wire wheels and a low stance made this Caddy cool. Another knock out was a 2013 Challenger R/T – The Darth Vadar – this car had “Lamborghini” style winged doors and a full on Darth Vadar graphic on its flanks. The owner had a Darth Vadar statue for display as well – this car was definitely from the dark side !

Two cars which will be featured in separate articles were a jet black 1952 Chevy Bel Aire hardtop. This car was “perfect” for its capture of the “less is more” style of custom. On the opposite side was a midnight blue 1970 Plymouth Cuda – with a wicked 440 equipped with a “shaker hood”. This car had more tricks than could be seen and is one we’d have liked to take home with us. 

At 2 o’clock, the Midnighters NorCal car club announced the winners of many categories of cars. From Best in Show to Best Truck, we were pleasantly surprised when the 442 was named one of the “Top 30” cars at the show. An unexpected but very rewarding honor. All too soon it was over and everyone left for our nearby homes. It was a great beginning to the local car show season in northern California. We got flyers for about a half dozen shows coming up in the next few moths and we plan to attend as many as time permits.

A special “shout out” goes to the Midnighters NorCal car club. This is the second local show No Limits has attended that they put on and they do a fantastic job. Well done !

to see more photos from the show -- click here:

Our 442 parked next to an awesome 2015 Shelby GT500 with a supercharged motor !

A sweet 53 Mercury custom.. check out that chopped "Carson" top !

A long long Caddy convertible -- with great paint and graphics

If Darth Vadar drove a car -- this would be it -- "Lambo" doors and all !

Old school cool !! A very nice 53 Chevy Bel Aire hardtop

This Cuda will eat your lunch !! One wicked fish !