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The Automotive History Preservation Society (AHPS) is an IRS non-profit 501 c(3) public charity that has been in existence since 2010. We are "Preserving the Past for the Future" - by digitizing the history of the automobile as found in pictures, period print advertisements, brochures, magazine articles, manufacturer's published training and education materials as well as any other items that document the history of the automobile, including press photos, vehicle service manuals and guides, and any other appropriate sources. The AHPS is headquartered in Michigan, U.S.A. We rely on donations, sponsorships and grants to continue our growth and to fund our projects and scholarship programs. Many donations are tax-deductible.

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Automotive History Preservation Society Acquires Two Significant Collections of Historical Materials
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Detroit Michigan -- May 2016

The AHPS is pleased to announce the acquisition of two significant magazine collections to add to the already expanding Eric White Digital Document Library.

Collection number one is the extensive magazine collection of Don Keefe, a hardcore Pontiac fan since age four and a Pontiac enthusiast/writer for over 20 years. He was involved in GTO Enthusiast Magazine, which became Pontiac Enthusiast Magazine. Don became Editor-in-Chief of The Pontiac -Oakland Club’s Smoke Signals in 2006 and remained there until 2015. He now is editor and publisher of  Poncho Perfection. As a result of this long association with Pontiacs and publishing, he has amassed over 2,000 automotive magazines - some from as early as 1948 and many no longer available to the public.

Collection number two is the magazine collection of Archie Smuck, who has amassed several thousand car magazines from the 1920's to the present. Among the incredibly significant materials are Motor Service Magazine from the 1920's to 1940's and Automobile Digest also from the period 1920's to 1940's - and many, many more titles that will augment Don Keefe’s material. ]

Kurt Shubert, Society President, said, “The two donations are significant, not only in their size, but in the breath of material that they contain. We are pleased to accept these materials and assure the donors and our members that we will make every effort to quickly add these materials to our Library”. Both collections should be in the society's possession by early summer.

Bob Gerometta, Society Vice President and former archivist of the City of New York said: “Automotive magazines, in addition to being interesting reading, are in many cases an accurate snapshot into the activities of manufacturers, engineers, buyers of auto products and even competitive events that may not be available anywhere else.”

He further stated that digitizing these items is the best way to preserve these materials in perpetuity, while at the same time affording access to enthusiasts, students, researchers, journalists and historians – especially using the Internet to make them available world-wide.

The Society will begin the digitization of these important documents as soon as they are in their possession and are being cataloged.

The Digital Documents Library has been renamed the “Eric White Digital Documents Library, in memoriam to one of the Society’s key founders and past President, who passed away recently. You can reference and view the Library’s already 100,000 plus pages of material  -- CLICK HERE.