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This Challenger R/T convertible was made for the warm sunny summer days in California. Top down cruising and for go -- a 440 6-pak under the hood. Just right for a father and son day.

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A father and son cruising treat Steve Diement's 1971 Dodge Challenger R/T Convertible 440 6-pak
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As seen at the Goodguys 23rd Summer Get-Together

The Sunday of a GoodGuys Get-Together somehow seems more relaxed than the opening Saturday. I think it’s because a lot of registered cars only make the event on Saturday and then head back for home. So strolling around the beautiful Fairgrounds in Pleasanton you get a chance to see cars that may not have been there on Saturday or cars that moved into different spots. As No limits took a walk around the main section of the fairgrounds, we spied this gorgeous Hemi Orange 1971 Dodge Challenger R/T. First off, it was a convertible but second – and of much import to us gear heads – it sported a 440 6-pak engine under that Rally hood.

Sitting comfortably in the shade next to the car was Steve Diement and his son. His son has one Mopar loving father as Steve told us that he just got the Challenger as a “stable mate” for his 1970 Plymouth Cuda. This man loves his Mopars ! But, on to the car.

It is a 1971 Dodge Challenger R/T convertible. The paint is Hemi Orange with a silver R/T stripe running from front to the rear quarters. The hood is the “stock” R/T Rally hood with the big R/T logo on the leading edge and those race inspired hood pins. A small split front air dam just under the front valance panel helps to guide air where you want it on the road. Around back, is a small lip spoiler on the trunk that sets off those twin tail lights and those “quad” tipped exhausts.

  The interior is fawn white buckets with console. The legendary Chrysler 727 torqueflite automatic is controlled from the shifter on the console while the Rally steering wheel makes driving easy on the hands.

The best is under the hood – a 440 6-pak motor. The engine is a stock 1971 Mopar 440 6-pak rated at 390 HP. Those 3 Holley 2 barrels sit on an Edelbrock sourced intake with the Mopar dual point distributor. Did we mention this engine bay is surgically clean ! The car rides on stock Dodge 15” Rally wheels shod with Goodyear Eagle ST RWL tires.

This beauty has some serious motor to go with its stunning looks. I’d say this father and son have a lot of great cruising to look forward.

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Hemi Orange paint with a silver R/T stripe down the side makes this Challenger stand out

The front has those small splitters and race inspired hood pins

Here's the place to be on a warm sunny California day

Open wide and say -- WOW -- a 440 6-pak that will get your attention -- right now !

The view most see of this Challenger