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Buick's slogan in 1955 was .. "When better cars are built -- Buick will build them". An argument can be made that they succeeded with this 1955 Special.

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This Buick is SPECIAL Marge Adams 1955 Buick Special 2-door hartdtop
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As seen at the 15th annual American Iron Car Show
By Society Staff - reprint with permission only

For 1955 the Buick division of GM gave the line a major facelift to the 1954 models. The 2 spot tail lights that were a Buick staple gave way to beautifully chromes “V” shaped housings that were an extension of the rear quarter panels. On the front end, the “teardrop” headlight housings gave way to separate headlight and parking light bezels. The “undershot jaw” grill was opened up and the bumper “bullets’ moved to the mid-opening ends. The full radius rear wheel arches were retained along with the sweeping chrome spear. All in all a really nice job and a very attractive car.


This particular 1955 Buick Special is a great example of the styling with a brilliant 2-tone red and white paint scheme of the 50’s. However, under all that paint and chrome beats the heart of a very modern and powerful drive train. This Buick is powered by a GM big block and 700R4 transmission lifted from a GMC truck. Not content with a stock motor, the engine was bored and stroked to displace 502 . Fitted with an Edelbrock intake and carb, the engine boasts close to 500 hp and gobs of torque. This moves the ‘55 down the road at a brisk pace to say the least. Slowing this cruiser down are a set of disc brakes from that same GMC truck that donated its engine/transmission. The car rides on 17” American mags with 225/60R17 tires.


But this “Riv” is made for cruising and the car is equipped with a Vintage Air A/C system with the controls placed in an aluminum panel insert in the stock dash.  Staying in the interior, you sit on beautifully done gray tweed pleated upholstery and matching door panels. The car is steered through an Ididit chrome tilt column topped off with a 1959 Chevy Biscayne steering wheel that looks like it was stock. Creature comfort abounds with power windows and a full sound system cleverly hidden and accessed through the stock (but no longer used) speaker grill.  The system features USB ports and jacks for listening enjoyment for your favorite tunes.


The Adam’s’ have owned the car for a little over a year and have shown it at local shows and at the Goodguys events in Pleasanton where they are a member of the P-Town Push Rods, a sponsoring club. We look forward to seeing this “Riv” a lot more in the coming show seasons.

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This is the beautiful 55 Buick front end -- all chrome and stainless steel.

One of the best angles to see the beautiful lines of the Buick

You are looking at 502 of big block GM in there

What an inviting interior - check out the Vintage Air control panel

A great sound system is hidden under this stock speaker grill