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Chargers received a new front fascia for 1970, and R/Ts featured hidden headlights.

This Dark Metallic Green 1970 Dodge Charger R/T looks like it di in 1970 driving down the street. All original and in great shape !
Dave & Marianne Knight's 1970 Dodge Charger R/T is Real and Original!

 As seen at the Goodguys 27th Autumn Get-Together -
By No Limits Staff - reprint with permission only

If you were looking to buy a hot street machine in 1970 and didn’t want the hassle of solid lifters or radical cam timing, then the Dodge charger R/T would be just the ticket. Standard on the iconic Charger platform was the torque heavy 440 Magnum V8 with a single 4 bbl carb, hydraulic lifters and rated at 375 HP. The Charger R/T came standard with special Rallye heavy duty suspension, larger brakes and F70 series raised white letter tires, all hooked up to the legendary TorqueFlite 747 automatic transmission .

On the inside, you got a good dose of luxury with a wood grained dash sporting full gauges. As in all Chrysler products in 1970 – the option list was long and complete. So for your money you got a car that was civilized on the street and  -- according to Don White USAC champion racer – would top 100 mph in the quarter mile – stock !!  What was not to like ??

At the Goodguys Autumn Get-Together last November, No Limits spied this totally stock 1970 Dodge Charger R/T belonging to Dave & Marianne Knight. One look at the stock engine bay and interior and we knew we had to feature their car. The Knight’s have owned this Charger R/T for 12 years. The car was in good shape with (estimated since the speedometers only held 5 characters) 186,000 miles. The car was purchased with all the original paperwork to include the spec sheet and warranty card. So the Knight’s decided to restore the car back to original condition.

The car was taken apart for a repaint, the interior was replaced – only where necessary -- and the drive train rebuilt. All in all, the project took 1 ½ years. Speaking of paint, the stock Mopar Dark Green Metallic was re-sprayed over flawless body work. The only exterior deviation from stock was the replacement vinyl top. The original was a brownish color with a "gator grain" (this was a special order in 1970) and the material was too difficult to source so the replacement top is black. 

Inside, the back seat and headliner are original pieces and the front buckets and door panel are reproductions. Check out that original 8-track optional stereo AM/FM radio. No blue tooth here !  The original console and shifter compliments the restored interior.

Under the hood is the original 440 cu.in. engine with all original brackets, etc. Aside from a rebuild and new belts and hoses – it’s all stock  -- as in 375 HP and 480 lbs./ft. of torque. That will move you down the road quite nicely !

As we stated in the beginning – if you wanted a good looking, fast but civilized street machine in 1970 – The Dodge Charger R/T was just the ticket. We thank the Knights for keeping this super example for all to see and enjoy. We sure did !

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Peaking out from under that hood is the R/T's standard 440 cu.in. engine

The Dark Metallic Green is the original Mopar color for this Charger


Check out the 8-track stereo in the radio !!

That's a 375 hp 440 cu.in. Magnum in the R/T