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This Mayfair Maze (yellow) 1965 GTO has just the right stance and look -- it screams 60's finest. Best of all, it is owned by its original owner ! Now that's a keeper !

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This GTO is a keeper -- George Schober's 1965 GTO
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As seen at the Goodguys  35th All American Get-together

No Limits has been going to the spring Get-Together for several years and we’ve always seen this sweet  Mayfaire Maize (light yellow) 1965 GTO parked along the main entrance road. It wasn’t until this year that we caught up to its owner – George Schober of nearby San Leandro – and had a chance to learn more about his GTO. And what a story it is.

George bought this GTO brand new in 1965. At the time, he was working at the GM assembly plant in Fremont CA and actually saw his car coming down the line !  The specs on this car are exactly what young car guys would have ordered. George’s GTO is equipped with the top of the line 348 HP tri-powered 389 Pontiac engine. The power goes through a Muncie 4-speed transmission out to a 3.55:1 “Saf-T-Track” (Posi) rear.  The car has its original  black bucket seat interior with a center console, deluxe wood rim steering wheel, and tachometer and Rally Gauge package. The interior has never been touched (save for new carpets) The optional AM/FM radio and rear speaker reverb unit made those 60’s singles really rock !  The car has had one repaint but the rest is all original. One very cool  aspect of the car is its stance. George kept the raised in the front and rear look that was very popular in the 60’s. It still looks cool today and on this GTO is just right.

Like thousands of young men in the 60’s, George was drafted in 1966 and actually drove the GTO from California to Ft. Hood in Texas. After training, George drove the GTO cross country to Maryland for his next assignment. George’s next assignment was to Viet Nam and he arranged to have the GTO stored in a barn in Maryland and and gave a friend $200 to rebuild the engine while he was overseas. Upon his retune to the USA, George traveled back to Maryland to retrieve his beloved GTO. To his surprise and dismay, the engine of the GTO was in pieces. It had been dissembled and that was about all. George recounted how he went and got gaskets and rings and rebuilt (actually re-assembled) the GTO’s engine in that barn. He then drove it back to California and resumed his job at the GM Fremont plant. George worked at that plant for a total of 31 years before retiring.

No Limits commented that we have seen his car at Goodguys for several years. George opened his trunk and displayed on the underside of the trunk lid were dash plaques from virtually every Goodguys show and more in Northern California. George drives this car and he has no intention of ever selling his GTO.   He told me that he’s been married for 42 years and had the GTO for 52 years and joking told me – the wife would go first ! I think BOTH are keepers !

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Under that hood -- is a 348 HP - tri-powered 389

The "tiger" on the carbs says it all -- this GTO can roar

Save for carpets -- the interior of George's GTO is all original and all black !

The rear is raised -- just right -- in classic 60's style

George likes to show his car -- LOTS of shows

This was the buy of the year in 1965 !