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Check out this great example of the muscle car era that Pontiac started in 1964.

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This Nocturne Blue 1964 Pontiac GTO was purchased new, picked up in Detroit, driven all the way back to California and is STILL owned by its original owner!

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This is the car that started the muscle car era - Dennis Clark's 1964 GTO
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By Society Staff - Reprint with Permission Only

As seen at the Goodguys 24th Summer Get-Together -

No Limits has been coming to Goodguys events in Northern California since 2014. As we roamed the fairgrounds checking out all the cool cars and trucks, we have seen this Nocturne Blue 1964 GTO at every event. However, we’ve not been able to track down its owner – until now ! Dennis Clark is a member of the P-Town Push Rods, the host club for Goodguys events at the Alameda County Fairgrounds, and as such is kept pretty busy throughout the day with club duties. We finally caught up with Dennis early in the morning as he was wiping down his car before taking off to club work.

One of the very first things we noticed about Dennis’ GTO was that when we had first seen it several years ago, it had the classic Pontiac Tri-power set up. This engine looked different. Here’s the story. Dennis is the one and only and original owner of the GTO ! He ordered it in 1964 and went to Detroit to pick it up as it came off the assembly line. It was equipped with the top of the line 389 Pontiac mill sporting the 3 deuce set up for 348 HP. The car had the Muncie 4-speed and Pontiac’s Safe-T-Track (posi) rear. The interior is all stock and original – black bucket seats with a floor mounted Hurst shifter.

When younger, Dennis drag raced the GTO extensively in northern California. To keep close tabs on that Pontiac 389, Dennis installed a Stewart & Warner tach in the stock GTO dash. When the stock steering wheel was showing its age, Dennis added a beautiful wood rimmed wheel from GT Performance. To help stop the GTO, Dennis added front disc brakes. He added the typical cams and headers to the car until it became smart to replace the original 10 bolt Pontiac rear with a custom Ford 9” rear assembly.

The exterior is the stock 1964 Pontiac Nocturne Blue with 15” American mags on all four corners. The car looks better in person than in the photos. The paint and chrome are outstanding. Dennis won Best Pontiac at the 1992 Hot August Nights event in Reno NV.

But back to that new motor. Three years ago, Dennis was looking to upgrade his 389 tri-power motor with something that was more powerful and easier to tune. He started with a Pontiac 400 block and bought a complete kit from Butler Racing. That kit included .035” over pistons, ½ inch stroker crank, Edelbrock aluminum heads and Performer intake. Dennis added a roller cam with 510/520 lift and a Holley 850 cfm “double pumper” carb. The fuel mix is fired off with an MSD digital ignition and exits through Hooker headers. Dennis estimates that the GTO is “an easy 12 sec. car”. Given that he’s owned and dragged this car since 1964, we think he’s right.

The muscle car era was started when Pontiac stuffed their 389 engine in the mid-sized Tempest body -- this is the car that started it all and Dennis Clark's is a perfect example of those 64 GTO's.

So the next time you’re at one of the Goodguys events in Pleasanton CA check out Dennis’ GTO in the central pavilion when the P-Town Push rods are located. You’ll like it as much as we did.

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This is the face that started the muscle car craze -- check out the Royal Pontiac license plate frame

This was the engine we first saw in the GTO -- back in 2014

Here is the new engine combo that Dennis installed three years ago

The interior is factory stock - save for the tach and the steering wheel.

You'll find Dennis' GTO parked in the center plaza at every Goodguys show -- check it out !