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If you happen to be driving around Burbank in southern California... keep your eyes out for this jet black 1968 Plymouth Barracuda -- it's not stock and ..Yeah .. it's a Hemi !

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Yeah .. It's a Hemi ! Robin Leasure's 1968 Hemi Barracuda
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As seen at Goodguys 31st West Coast Nationals
Back in the day (that is in 1968) Chrysler Corporation decided to build the baddest Super Stock cars on the planet. They took their 1968 Dodge Dart  and newly restyled 1968 Barracuda and sent off 150 to Hurst Corporation along with the legendary 426 Hemi engines and related parts. They created the most dominate Super /Stock cars of the era. In the hands of Sox & Martin, Dick Landy, Herb (Mr. 4-speed) McCandless and others, these cars were invincible. The only drawback  (if there was one)was that these were pure race cars and could never be licensed for the street. Today, they are valuable collector cars, rarely seen outside of collections or auctions. That does not mean one cannot duplicate these monsters. That’s exactly what Robin Leasure has – a 1968 Hemi Cuda “clone”.

We use the term “clone” loosely in that this car is far and away a more streetable and safer car than the original. But let’s get to the car. Robin has only owned the car for a few weeks when we saw it at Goodguys 31st West Coast Nationals in August. As he explained to us, he purchased the car from a builder in Marina Del Ray who started to build it as a drag race car. Partway through the build, they decided to finish it off as a street car. And what a street beast it is..
The frame is all custom and carries a rack & pinion steering system, 4-wheel power disc brakes held up by a custom suspension with adjustable coil overs. The engine in this monster is a 472 Hemi built by Ray Barton Racing Engines with a “purple” hydraulic cam and the drag style cross ram intake. Sitting on the intake are twin Holley 770 cfm vacuum secondary carbs.  The Hemi is fired by an MSD electronic ignition system .

Power is fed through a Tremec 5-speed transmission to a Ford 9” rear. The carrier is a Detroit Locker with a 3.70:1 gear set. Getting that power to the ground are a set BFG 255R60/15 Radial T/A’s mounted on American Racing mag wheels  -- 15/10 in the back and 15/7 up front.

The engine has a serpentine belt system holding  the alternator, power steering pump and A/C compressor. The A/C is a Vintage Air system that keeps Robin from roasting when that Hemi is heating up ! To keep the Hemi cool, there is a custom aluminum radiator and electric fans. To carry the fuel for that Hemi, the car has a custom 22 gallon fuel tank. As an aside, the Hemi gets 13 MPG on the highway. If you stand on it, that all goes away -- fast !! 

The interior of the Cuda is a trick as the rest of the car. The Bostrum style bucket seats are covered in black leather which is also used on the stock style door panels, rear seat and headliner. The car has a custom dash (you would expect nothing less !), steering  wheel  and racing seat belts with a floor mounted fire extinguisher.

On the outside, the Cuda is deceptively stock save for the SS/A style hood scoop which is fully functional. The black paint is flawless and Cuda retains all of the original trim and emblems. The only emblems not original are the “Hemi” call outs on the hood scoop. Robin believes in giving fair warning to anyone wanting to play.  Of course it behooves one to read Robin’s license plate – “HEM4SPD”

No Limits was taken by the workmanship on this car and the awesome Super Stock cars it represents.. we want one !!

Here is Sox & Martin back in the day heating the tires on a real 1968 Hemi Barracuda

That is 472 of Chrysler Hemi - the cross ram intake is like they ran in 1968. This beast is bad !

That hood scoop is totally functional - let that Hemi breathe !

Inside of Robin's Cuda is a full interior with custom dash and race accessories

Best read those call outs on that Hemi style hood scoop --

Check out that license plate