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Silky smooth body and an inviting interior are the drawing cards for Georg Pavel IV's 1948 Chevy Fleetline. But the power train lets you know this car can "haul the mail"

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Some guys can do it all – George Pavel IV’s 1948 Chevrolet Fleetline Aerosedan
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Some guys can do it all –
George Pavel  IV’s 1948 Chevrolet Fleetline  Aerosedan
As seen at the 2018 Piston Powered show
It is always a treat to meet someone who has the skills (and patience) to tackle a full build/resto of their project car. Such is George Pavel IV of Bainesville, OH. George’s project car is his 1948 Chevrolet Fleetline Aerosedan. This was Chevrolet’s best selling model in 1948 with more than 220,000 sold. George had some big plans for his Fleetline.
It sounds incredible, but George did all the work (except final paint and upholstery) in his home garage. His garage is like most of us in that it has NO lift or rotisserie ! Just jack stands, floor jack and creepers.
Let’s start with the drive train on George’s 48. After beefing up the frame, George built a 406 SBC with 11.6:1 compression and a solid lifter roller cam. The engine is connected to a beefed up  Rossler T400 automatic with a Neal Chance 3500 converter.   Power is sent to a Ford 9” rear fitted with a set of 4.56:1 gears in a Detroit locker spool.  All that horsepower required some wheel tubs in back to mount the big hides.
The body was dechromed , with frenched headlights and a custom “clam shell” hood. The grill is from a 1948 Chevy Fleetmaster model which had continuous grill bars across. Out back, stock 48 taillights and bumper show off a frenched and sunken power antenna for the sound system. Opening the trunk reveals the fuel cell for the high test required by that 11.6:1 compression motor.
The custom interior is simple , elegant and smooth. After George was done fabricating and wiring, the interior was done in Cadillac Escalade leather and suede by DJ’s Upholstery in Dover OH. To say it is stunning is an understatement.
Topping off all George’s work is a beautiful PPG Honda Green metallic paint job by Eric Bee of Beverley OH.
George spent 9 years building his  Fleetline and when you consider he did all the work in his home garage we are truly impressed. George has an award winning custom that also can “haul the mail”. Well done George !

This angle shows off the cars smooth flanks

A nice touch is the up model Fleetmaster grill.

Note the sunken antenna along with the fuel cell for that powerhouse mill !

The interior is all Cadillac Escalade leather and suede