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This Guards Red 1967 Pontiac GTO shows why they were and are so popular and represent the muscle car era so well. Check out the hood mounted tach, the scoop and those American Racing wheels -- looking good !

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A Birthday GTO -- John Whaley’s 1967 Pontiac GTO
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A Birthday GTO
John Whaley’s 1967 Pontiac GTO
As seen at the Goodguys 25th Summer Get-Together
This Guards Red GTO has never been far from home. It was “born” at the GM plant in Fremont CA in March of 1967 which is the same month as owner John Whaley’s birthday. But more than that, this GTO has a “family connection” to the Bay Area. 
See John lives in Castro Valley, CA near the city of Fremont.
John’s grandfather worked for General Motors at the Fremont plant when this GTO was built. John’s father also worked at the Fremont plant. So when John found this car at a Goodguys “Cars-for-Sale Corral” at the Alameda County Fairgrounds , he knew it was the car he was looking for.
John redid the whole car and did all the work (including paint) himself. And what a job he did ! Let’s start with the mechanicals. The engine is the original 400 Pontiac with Ram Air III heads that have a mild porting job. Putting that Pontiac power out through a Muncie M-21 4-speed to a Pontiac Safe-T-Track (posi) rear end equipped with 3.88:1 gears.  Final power to the ground rolls on American Racing 16” wheels with 255/45R16 rubber all around. The stance is perfect ! Stopping the beast are Pontiac power HD  drum brakes on all four corners
Looking inside this red beauty, we find the original gold interior headliner and dash pad complimented by an OPGI gold Pontiac kit for the seats (buckets), side panels, door card and carpet. This color combo is absolutely perfect for the car. The OEM wood grain on the dash and console is complimented by the Grant wood rimed GM style steering wheel. The car is further equipped with Power steering, Power windows and Vintage air A/C. The tach is hood mounted - an option in 1967.
When John finished the car, he gave it to his father to enjoy. By that time, his dad was into trucks and John kept the car. He takes it to all the Goodguys events, local shows and rod runs. The car has won a trophy at Peggy Sue’s Rod Run and at the 25th Goodguys Summer Get-Together was selected as one of the “winners picks”. 
This is one of the nicest 67 GTO’s we’ve seen in recent memory and john deserves a bunch of credit for the quality of his work and the fact he did the work himself.   Nice going John and keep that GTO in Alameda County for a long time ! 


Open that red hood and there is the 400 engine with Ram air III heads

A close up of that 440 engine with Ram Air III heads, notice the A/C and power steering and brakes -- nice job !

This angle shows off the "stance" of John 's GTO -- just right !

The gold interior sets off the Guards Red exterior perfectly. The woodgrain dash, dash pad and headliner are original.

The console and steering wheel compliment the interior

Check out that hood mounted tach !

No wonder this car is a winner.. it is stunning !