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This is one knock out CJ2A Jeep. In Toyota Sunset Bronze with the wheels, tires and tasteful chrome-- this is a Jeep you want to see more of !

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A Roadside Attraction Bob & Donna Pleva’s 1947 CJ2A Jeep
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A Roadside Attraction
Bob & Donna Pleva’s 1947 CJ2A Jeep
As seen at the Danville 1st Hot Summer Sundays car show
No Limits sees lots of very cool cars and trucks at the shows we cover. Every now and then, something just jumps out at us as the perfect combination of car/color and chrome. Such was the 1947 CJ2A Jeep of Bob & Donna Pleva.
A bit of history here --- the original “Jeep” was an icon of WWII as the work horse utility vehicle for our armed forces. This incredible 4 wheel drive (technically a) truck was admired by all who came in contact with them. After the war, Willys – Overland Motors  began to manufacture “civilian” versions of this classic designated by the letters “CJ” for "Civilian Jeep". Through the decades following that war, the CJ Jeep has been manufactured by several different companies though 10 different CJ versions. Bob and Donna have one of the original post-war CJ’s. And here’s its story.
Bob & Donna found this Jeep 20 years ago for sale by the side of the road near the northern California town of Lockeford.( near Lodi) They bought it on the spot, hauled it home and eventually embarked on a full frame-off restoration of this old warrior.
The frame was blasted, repaired and strengthened. The front axle is the original Spicer 25 and the rear is the Spicer 44 coupled by the original T18 transfer case and controlled with the original Jeep 3-speed transmission. All have been fully rebuilt and reconditioned. The brakes were upgraded to 11“ drums all around and the steering was upgraded with a Saginaw power steering box /pump combo. The steering column is an aftermarket chrome unit with a Grant steering wheel. The Jeep rides on 15” chrome wheels wrapped with BFG Baja off road tires.
The original Jeep 4 banger (long gone when they found it) was replaced by a Buick V6 engine equipped with a 2 bbl carb, chrome dress up goodies and dual exhausts. The engine is cooled with a custom aluminum radiator.
The body of this CJ2A really catches your eye. It is flawless and straight as can be. After the restoration of the body, the underside and floor pans were coated in bed liner (it really looks good and is just right for a Jeep). Then the body was painted a Toyota Tundra color called Sunset Bronze – fantastic ! Tasteful chrome highlights include the grille, front bumper,   hood latches, windshield glass frame, and various latches and tie downs.
The interior is composed of 1965 Mustang bucket seats in front and a repopped Jeep seat in the back upholstered to match. An aftermarket roll bar provides safety and mounting point for the antenna for Bob’s amateur radio communications equipment in the Jeep. 
The electrics are all 12 volt and new gauges are installed in the stock dash. The alternator is a high amp unit with enough to power Bob’s radio equipment.  Note his call numbers on the rear bumper.
This CJ2A Jeep is absolutely perfect to our way of thinking. We’d love to go cruising the back roads in this – well done Bob & Donna !


Hard to believe this was found on the side of the road 20 years ago

All those levers control the original gearbox and transfer case -- the bedliner floor is just right

The Buick V6 is perfect for this little Jeep. Note the big alternator

Check out Bob's call sign on the rear bumper

Just jump on in and go cruising

Keep the shiny side up !!