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The 7th annual Hot Rod Hoodlums car show was a very festive affair that benefited the Los Juntas Elementary School and its teams -- the Bullpups ! We will be sure to attend next year.

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7th Annual Hot Rod Hoodlums car show -- September 22, 2018 Martinez, CA
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7th Annual Hot Rod Hoodlums car show
September 22, 2018
Los Juntas Elementary School
Martinez, CA

By No Limits staff
One of the fun things the No Limits crew likes to do is to attend local car shows in and around where we live. A local show – put on by one of the many car clubs in northern California – always provides a chance to see the many cool rides that locals have as well as to see the great civic involvement of the local car clubs. The Hot Rod Hoodlums car club is anything but hoodlums. They are a great group that works hard to support the activities of a local elementary school – Las Juntas Elementary. 
The show is held on the grounds of the school in a large parking facility that backs up to the school’s athletic field. The show was very well organized and the day was perfect. Warm sunny and crystal clear skies. The show featured a DJ, vendors, food (a great BBQ) along with several raffles. One nice touch was that if you donated school supplies, you received $10 of raffle tickets in exchange – a win-win !
It seems like every local show has some exhibit or car that is so far out that it breaks the mold. This show had a “customized” 1943 White military half-track. The “beast” featured twin 454 turbo charged engines to propel the wheels and a 3,000 lb thrust J610 jet engine in the back ! Every now and then, they would light off the jet and the whine could be heard for miles – wild !
Back to the cars—the show had about 100 entries with early street rods, low riders, muscle cars, cool customs, a few Harleys and some late model muscle from Dodge and Chevy tossed in.  Walking around the lot was a fun experience to talk with owners and to see the ingenuity displayed by the builders. 
Some of our favorites were a 1966 Oldsmobile 442 with the rare 3 two barrel set up (a one year only option). This car was originally owned by Jeff Gordon’s (of NASCAR fame) father and had a 425 short block slipped under those “C” heads for some serious go! The glove box was signed by Jeff and his dad. The car was mechanically restored and will be repainted soon. 
Another slick ride was a “stock looking” 1962 Corvette that had a full custom frame and suspension and housed a very stout Chevy big block. This silver/grey Vette had just the right stance ! For the “low rider” fan, a beautiful 1976 Impala would dazzle your eyes with its graphics.
Around 1:30, the club held their raffles and by 2:30 were handing out awards to the “Top 20” rides picked by the club at the show. Imagine our surprise when our faithful 442 was presented with an award. Pays to wash and wax them ! 
All in all, this was a relaxed fun day and we made a few new friends and saw some old (not in age) friends. We encourage everyone to attend local car shows for a fresh insight into our sport.

Their were awards for rides that the club liked best

some of the many raffle prizes and school supply donations at the show

This is the " beast" a WWII "customized" half-track with a jet engine in back !

Late model muscle was proudly displayed at the show !

A sweet 1966 442 -- check out the rare tri-power set up !

Our favorite - a full chassis , big block "BAD" Vette

Check out the big block in that cool 62 Vette

Paint & graphics to dazzle your eyes -- WOW

Nop Limits was shocked to win an award with our 442 -- pays to wash & wax it !