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Early Corvette road tests are very interesting - seeing how the car was received by the public. Was it a sports car or a wanna be?

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2019-12 December Report:
Updating Pontiac Brochures and adding 1950s Road Tests
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Please Note:

Researchers and Writers:
If you write/research about classic, muscle or even new cars - we have resources you can use! We have print ads, brochures, and technical info that spans the 1930s - to the present! If you are looking for copy, stories, specifications and period road tests to add spice to your articles - we are your source!

Please consider us when looking for reference material or even photos, artwork and period press materials!

Looking for Magazines:
We are actively seeking donations of pre-1961 magazines from all publishers
 If you have magazines from this period, we will be pleased to accept them. Please contact with a list of your magazines. We will inform you as to whether we may already have that issue.

Need Print Ad Copy:
We are actively seeking donations of 1973-1992 Print Ad copy. A scanned image at 300 dpi is sufficient, though you may send us the paper image that we will return to you if you desire.

Contact if you wish to donate items from this time period.


Collections Activity

1900s through 1950s Orphaned Brands Print Ads -

We're continue to add print ads by year and make during this month. We estimate we will load more than 200 print ads before year-end.

Updating Pontiac Brochures -

We recognized that Pontiac Brochures, that were loaded on the website in our early years, are missing some important materials and were loaded in lesser quality. We began with our earliest Pontiac brochure and have reached 1969 as of December 15. We hope to have up through 1970updated prior to the December Holidays.

1950s Road Tests -

We are scanning an entire magazine and extracting the road tests first, so as to populate, by brand, our Test area in the Technical Section. This is an ongoing project for 2020.

Progress Reports -

To see our 2018 activities, please check our 2018 Latest Uploads pages for our exact results.

To keep up to date on our progress, please check our 2019 Latest Uploads pages for our exact results.

For all of our 2019 Monthly Project Reports click HERE.


The Society's Collections Team