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The newest of the new. We load them all - from 1900 to 2021!

2021-06 Collections Report:
Updating our Brochures Collection with 2020-2021 Brochures

Please Note:

This Month - We Are Updating Our Brochure Collection with 2020-2021.

We strive to keep our brochures collection as up-to-date as possible, while adding in brochures from earlier. (Our brochures go back to the 1920s). We are quite proud of the depth of our collection but we are always striving to add missing items - especially from defunct brands and certainly brands from outside the US.

If you take a stroll through our collection, you will see where we could use some help. Check out our holdings by going HERE.

If you have any of the missing items, you can scan them yourself at high resolution and send them along to our librarian@ahpsoc.org.

OR you can make arrangements for us to lovingly and tenderly scan you paper items and return them to you in the same condition you forwarded them to us. Keep us in mind.Thanks.

Last Month - We Added Significant and Rare Brochures to Our Collection:

  • 1956 Chrysler 300B Brochure. This brochure is very obscure and hard to find. Unfortunately, the Society had to dip into its operational budget to purchase the brochure - and it was not inexpensive. It now rounds out our letter-series Chrysler 300 brochure collection. We are still seeking the Service Supplements for the the Letter Series cars for the following years: 1955, 1956 and 1962 If you have any of these please contact librarian@ahpsoc.org.

  • 1957 American Motors Rambler Rebel Fuel Injection Brochure and the Rambler Rebel Brochure. The Fuel Injection Brochure is collated from individual pages located. If someone has this brochure and wants to LOAN it to us for copying we will CAREFULLY scan the document and return it to you. Please contact librarian@ahpsoc.org.
To view the brochures, click on their file names in the box at the upper right!

Please consider us when looking for reference material or even photos, artwork and period press materials!

We Are Looking for 1950s Magazines:
We are actively seeking donations of pre-1961 magazines from all publishers
 If you have magazines from this period, we will be pleased to accept them. Please contact
Librarian@ahpsoc.org with a list of your magazines. We will inform you as to whether we may already have that issue.

We Need 1975-1992 Print Ad Copy:
We are actively seeking donations of 1975-1992 Print Ad copy. A scanned image at 300 dpi is sufficient, though you may send us the paper image that we will return to you if you desire.

Contact Kurt.shubert@ahpsoc.org if you wish to donate items from this time period.


Collections Activity

A Huge Cache of over 800 Brochures Have been Donated -

Once acquired and cataloged, our energies are directed towards getting these added to our collections. Energy will be supplied to accomplish this aim by students at colleges in Oklahoma in our Pilot Student Scanning Program. Please help by donating! The "Donate" button is on almost every page on the website.

Continuing with Significant Adds to the Pontiac Brochures Section -

This is part of a massive project to continue the work of the late Eric White, past Society President, and are being accomplished to honor his efforts at the Society and for the GTO Owners Association and the Pontiac-Oakland Club. Adds have started with 1960 and will continue through 2009.

1900s through 1960s Orphaned Brands and Luxury Vehicles Print Ads -

We're continuing to add print ads by year and make during this month. We estimate we will load more than 300 print ads before year-end 2020.

1950s - Early 60s Road Tests -

We are scanning an entire magazine and extracting the road tests first, so as to populate, by brand, our Test area in the Technical Section. This is an ongoing project for 2020.

Progress Reports -

To see our 2019 activities, please check our 2019 Latest Uploads pages for our exact results.

To see our 2020 activities, please check our 2020 Latest Uploads pages for our exact results.

For all of our 2020 Monthly Project Reports click HERE.


The Society's Collections Team