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A whole new site is coming! Stay tuned!

Our New Website -
It's No Longer a Dream

by Society Staff
reprint with permission only


Our current website is very stable, and deals with the immense amount of material we have seamlessly and quickly.

BUT, it uses very archaic web software - it limits us in layout (especially for cell phones), and critically hurts our SEO (search engine optimization). We knew it needs replacement, however on our limited budget, it seemed like it was even less a dream and more of a fantasy.

But sometimes even a fantasy can become reality. Two major donors stepped up this year and allowed us to fund new software and hire a startup developer. Even better, a Society member surfaced with the skills to turn the raw site into something we are really going to be proud of!

More news as we get closer to launch - but our current projections call for a majority of material to be transferred over by May 2022.

We'll keep you posted - stay tuned. We may even have a fully functional site we can demonstrate right after the first of the year!