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1966 442 Club Dealer Promotional Kit

Here is a truly rare item! This extraordinary kit was something Oldsmobile Marketing sent to the dealers to promote the 442 in 1966. There was as similar kit sent out for the 1965 442s. The 1965 kit was a general promotion of the 442, and made a small suggestion to the dealers to start 442 clubs. This 1966 kit, however, was devoted entirely to encouraging the dealers to form and host 442 clubs. It appears this approach was not effective as there is virtually no evidence that dealer 442 clubs ever took off.

The 8-page brochure has a pocket inside the the back page that holds the inserts that were largely samples of club imprinted materials.

This kit also explains the origin of the "442 Club" patches that have been around for many years. Some of these patches may be reproductions, though.

Also note that on the 442 Club Order Form are the rare Rally Stripe kits for a whopping $3.30 each.

Donated by Kurt Shubert


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