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1963-1972 Parts and Accessories Catalog:
Sections 0.00 thru 9.00 - Chassis (June 1972 Edition)

This is probably the most comprehensive edition of the Parts Catalogs for owners of '60s -'72 Oldsmobiles.

Bear in mind that this does not necessarily include all OEM parts that came on the car, only ones that were still available from Oldsmobile to their dealers as of June 1972.

Also it is possible that some of the parts listed are what were determined to be suitable replacement parts, not necessarily the same part that came on the car originally.


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1972 Olds Parts Book model id
1972 Olds Parts Book Chassis index
1972 Olds Parts Book Chassis Group 0.000 Engine-Clutch
1972 Olds Parts Book Chassis Group 1.000 Cooling System-Rediator-Oil System
1972 Olds Parts Book Chassis Group 2.000 Electrical
1972 Olds Parts Book Chassis Group 3.000 Fuel-Exhaust-AIR-Carburetion-Cruise
1972 Olds Parts Book Chassis Group 4.000 Transmission
1972 Olds Parts Book Chassis Group 4.500 Hydraulic Brake Control
1972 Olds Parts Book Chassis Group 5.000 Rear Axle-Brakes-Wheels-Properrler Shaft
1972 Olds Parts Book Chassis Group 6.000 Front Suspension Steering and Connecting Link
1972 Olds Parts Book Chassis Group 7.000 Frame-Springs-Bumpers-Shock Absorbers
1972 Olds Parts Book Chassis Group 8.000 Hood-Front Fender-Heater-Standard Parts
1972 Olds Parts Book Chassis Group 9.000 Body Mtg.- Air Cond-Antenna-Radio-Tach-Clock-Defroster and Specialty Parts