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Motor Trend Magazine - Issue 03 (March) 1957

ROAD TESTS OF TWO PONTIACS - Testing the effect of power accessories on a car's performance - pg 28

CHRYSLER 300-C DRIVESCRIPTION - It should have no difficulty in retaining the stock car racing crown - pg 40

ULCERS ON MAHOGANY ROW - The inside story of the Detroit sales race - pg 64

SPOTLIGHT ON DETROIT - Driving impressions of The Plymouth Fury & DeSoto Adventurer pg 8


  • GIVE YOUR CAR THAT '58 LOOK - If your old car still runs well, don't despise it - modernize it pg 18
  • MERCURY ROAD TEST - Two vastly different versions of a very different new car pg 22
  • '57 PACKARD CLIPPER - pg 27
  • MAKE YOUR ENGINE GLOW - It can be made into a thing of glamour - pg 32
  • HIGHWAY ROBBERY - In this day and age, highwaymen are still waylaying the unwary- pg 36
  • WHY SOME CARS ARE BEAUTIFUL - A designer shows us there is some rhyme and reason in car styling – pg 38
  • DRIVING AROUND - In the Morgan and Maserati - both great fun to drive – pg 50

MOTOR SPORTS - Europe invades Indy. What's next for Fangio? Bahamas Speed Weeks – pg 58

TECHNICAL QUESTIONS - Thought you were through with geometry? Here's another problem - pg 68

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THE COVER: Chrysler 300-C courtesy Chrysler.
'49 Ford with a '58 look by Jim Potter.
Eldorado V8 is installed in a Lincoln
Continental by Bob D'Olivo.

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Cover, TOC
1957 Two Pontiac Road Test
1957 Chrysler 300-C Driving Impression
Spotlight on Detroit - 1957 Plymouth Fury and DeSoto Adventurer Driving Impresssion
1957 Mercury Road Test
1957 Mercury Turnpike Cruiser Exposed
1957 Packard Clipper Exposed
1957 Maserati Driving Impression
1957 Morgan Driving Impression
1957 March Motorsports News
1946 Lincoln Continental Convertible Custom Driving Impression