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Motor Life Magazine History

In 1952, ad manager and investor Bill Quinn traded his invested shares in Road & Track for the Hop Up title, and he left with staff to form Quinn Publishing Company in Los Angeles, Calif.  Although Quinn's Hop Up title was successful, he really wanted to compete with Motor Trend.  So in June, 1953 Hop Up was co-titled as "Hop Up and Motor Life".  The content began shifting to new cars, and the March, 1954 issue was the last one with this co-titling.  Hop Up was folded into Rod & Custom, and Motor Life continued as a standalone title.

Quinn Publishing then sold Motor Life to Petersen Publishing in 1955, and Petersen continued the publication until November, 1961.  It was then merged into Sports Car Graphic, another Petersen title, in the December, 1961 issue.

The magazine featured Detroit iron, Detroit concept cars, some racing coverage, and the occasional hot rod and custom cover.


Motor Life was consistently in #3, #4 or #5 position in print volumes among automotive titles that provided paid circulation details.   In the time period from 1950 to 1970, it grew about 2% annually, a slow growth rate given the general automotive magazine market was growing 16% annually.

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