2017 - A Great Year for the Society & a Fun Year for the Enthusiast!

Wishing everyone a happy and fun-filed 2018. Let your new year be one of more car shows, more knowledge
and maybe even another collector car in your garage!

Story by Society Staff
Reprint with permission only.

2017 was a very busy and fun year for the staff at No Limits. We put out 26 regular issues (one every other week). And we even put together our special SEMA coverage issues and even a few special issues.

In terms of coverage and articles for our readers, we had a wide variety - When it comes to "living history" - we covered and reported on more than a dozen Goodguys shows, national car shows and many local car shows with hundreds of great photos for you to review..

We ran several series including:

  • A 5 part interview with Jim Wangers of GTO fame.
  • A 10 part (original) series called The Performance Chronicles.
  • A new series called "Car Models Described" that brought together our vast digital library to highlight specifications, and information on "orphaned" american auto brands.
  • A five-part retro series called Back from the Dead, where we chronicled a retoration of a 1967 442 from Grave back to Cradle.
  • A bunch of Stephen Cox blogs.
  • And anew eries for SEMA ARMO members to tout their new product releases.

We worked up some special features - including a visit to the Cobra Experience; a report on the need for support for the RPM Act - in conjunction with SEMA SAN; and our annual SEMA Show coverage.

If you missed any of our 2017 Coverage, you can head over to our website and see our 2017 back issues by Clicking HERE.

You can see all of our No Limits Issue from 2011 to the Present, by click HERE.

Here are some pictures from our favorite issues, with links to that No Limits:

1982 Mustang GT Ad

From the Performance Car Chronicles: The 1982 release of the Mustang GT - Their iconic ad simply stated: "The Boss is Back!"

1951 Hudson Ad

From Orphaned Brands: Low, Sleek and Fast - What Happened to Hudson?


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