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As a 501 c3 not for profit organization, we rely on volunteers for all our "hands on work. None of the Society's staff is paid, and all of our revenue goes to maintaining the website and paying operating expenses.

Everything that appears on this website was created and loaded by a non-paid volunteer. In fact many of the webpages and upgrades to the software we either donated or created by unpaid volunteers!

Here are the things we can use help with:

  • Scanning documents. Generally, period advertisements, brochures and magazines, for example. We'll train you!
  • "Cleaning" scanned documents. Photoshop skills are required. Older documents, when scanned, generally need restoration to bring back their faded colors, yellowing, age spots, and other damage.
  • Research. Much of what we add to our collection comes from detective work. Who has a copy? Can we get a digital version or not? Where might significant collections be located.
  • Writing Skills. We publish articles about collections or about a historical event or vehicle - pulling together material and then writing about it is a significant part of what we do.
  • Marketing skills. Simply put, we need people to help develop a series of marketing programs for the Society.
  • Sales Knowledge and Sales Strategy. Simply put, we need people to help promote the Society and encourage donations.

If you feel you can help in any of these areas, please e-mail us at We promise we'll get back to your quickly!


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