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Other Libraries, Museums and Archives

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Articles in this Section:

Alfred P. Sloan Museum/Buick Automotive Gallery - Flint, MI

Auburn-Cord-Duesenberg Museum - Auburn, IN

Auto World Museum - Fulton, MO

Gateway Auto Museum - Gateway, CO

Gilmore Car Museum - Hickory Corners, MI

GM Heritage Center - Sterling Heights, MI

High Banks Hall of Fame and National Midget Racing Museum - Belleville, KS

Kansas Auto Racing Museum - Chapman, KS

Kokomo Automotive Museum - Kokomo, IN

Lingenfelter Motorsports Car Collection - Brighton, MI

Pioneer Auto Show - Murdo, SD

Pontiac-Oakland Museum and Resource Center - Pontiac, IL

R. E. Olds Transportation Museum -
Lansing MI

Stahls Automotive Foundation - Chesterfield, MI

Studebaker National Museum -
South Bend, IN

Telstar Mustang Shelby Cobra Restorations & Museum - Mitchell, SD

Walter P. Chrysler Museum - Auburn Hills, MI

Wills Sainte Clare Automobile Museum - Marysville, MI

Wisconsin Automotive Museum -
Hartford, WI

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